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How can I control the Data on my Phone
Month after month I keep getting this message from ATT: "75% of your 3072 MB shared data has been used. If all 3072 MB is used before this billing period ends 12/14/16 we'll add 1GB of shared data to your plan for $15...." It is so frustrating. I have alrea...

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Merging Different Address Books
MERGING DIFFERENT ADDRESS BOOKS This all started when a client asked me about the frustrating issue of having different Address Books in different email programs and how to make them sync. I told her I didn't know, but it was something that bothered me too,...

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How to do a Screenshot in PC or Mac or iPhone
ON A PC On a PC or Windows Computer often there is a key at the top of
the keyboard that says Print Scrn. When you press that button it will
make a copy of your desktop that you can paste into a document. Once it
is pasted onto a page you can click on it...

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Tips for Switching from PC to Mac
you are used to using a PC and switch to a Mac there are certain things
that you will miss. The Mac can do everything that a PC does, but
sometimes there are different ways to make them happen. How to right click on a Mac Macs
will respond to a right...

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Slow Computer?
I have written about this before, but I thought I would revisit the issue here since I have come across some slow computers lately.These things may not solve your situation, but they are worth trying. I have put it in terms of questions to ask yourself and ...

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Help! I Cannot Open My iMovie Projects with the New Version (10.1.4)
The other day I got an email from one of the bright readers of this blog asking about iMovie. His question had to do with different versions of iMovie. I know that iMovie can be very confusing and I had not looked at it for a little while, so I wrote him ba...

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Changing the Order of Your Posts in Blogger
I work with a client who is creating a blog in anticipation of a long trip.  The pages written ahead of time are listed in date order in the list of pages in Design. The problem is that the travel is not going to be in the same date order, nor will it be al...

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Sharing in Dropbox-Can someone else delete my stuff?
There are different ways to share folders in Dropbox. You are in charge of how you share folders or documents.  If you want to share so that the other person can edit the document, the choice comes up after you type their email address into the To: line You...

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WiFi On the Go
Traveling has gotten me thinking more about mobile wifi. In
Japan I had friends who had devices which allowed them to have wifi anywhere.
We were traveling to parts of the country where we would not have Internet
access, so it was really nice to be able to ...

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