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Aldonna Ambler
I have earned the right to be called THE GROWTH STRATEGIST®
I have earned the right to be called THE GROWTH STRATEGIST®

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As a President of a mid-sized company, you watch the moves of major corporations like APPLE. You wonder if maybe APPLE’s research department has surfaced a trend that your company is too small to see.

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If independence is a family owner's primary life goal, could he focus “his” installation company on completely different products or customers than the family-owned technology business?

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What prompts the head of a division to resign?

When a business is acquired, the due diligence process invites everyone involved to take a fresh look at goals, strategic direction, the logic behind compensation and equity, budgets and delegation of authority.

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As an Entrepreneur, Have You Lost Your Authentic Swing?


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Maybe No One Should Buy the Clippers from Sterling

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Generation X, Y and Millennial employees crave challenge, inclusion and more frequent celebration of little successes.

Does your company need to take a hint from an accounting firm about how to attract and retain top talent…by being more fun?

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The "Heartbleed" bug in OpenSSL encryption is both devastating and incredibly widespread across the Web. 

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News continues to come out about the OpenSSL security hole dubbed as "Heartbleed". To anyone who hasn't heard about this yet, this security hole potentially exposes users’ names and passwords at several web sites. There is a fix that companies are rushing to put in place. Experts are telling users to hold off on updating their passwords until companies announce that a fix is in place. Several companies have already begun doing so. Here is an article that gives more info about Heartbleed.

And here is a tool to see if a particular Web site is vulnerable. See the images below to see examples of a negative hit and a positive hit.

Also, someone published a list of 1000 sites that have been tested for Heartbleed here:

Btw, Google has already announced that it has applied the SSL fix to its key services. This ends your PSA for the day.  

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Organizations that have a big bold project in mind do not have to go it alone. Consider corporate sponsorships.

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3rd generation family business owners typically want to create, leverage new technologies, stay ahead of customers and not wait/react to complaints. They often assume that customers won’t openly share what they want, think, expect or feel.

What do you think? Am I way off base?

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