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Lol, the sky crane looks like an imperial probe droid 
A couple of minor technical quibbles in the spirit of Dr. Neil's movie critiques.
The Atlas V second stage probably went into a solar orbit not re-enter Earth's atmosphere.
The Cruise stage probably burned up in Mars's atmosphere not become space junk.
Otherwise carry on.
It's a shame that we have exported our disposable mentally to Mars. Maybe the next on will be more eco-friendly.
Funny stuff. Reminds me of The Giving Tree.
Humans, not content with filling up our planet with rubbish we travel to another planet to dump some there to. Few more flights and we may not be able to get close to Mars.
We're sort of a cross, gypsies and rats, always leave a mess when we leave then we come sniffing for water and have a party drink all your beer raid Everything edible in your place and then leave a big pile of sh1*
I still hope curiosity finds something, anything. 
Wow some people can find something negative in ANYTHING!
Next robot we need to send to Mars is WALL-E to clean up the mess
Ha ha, the life of a Jewish robot
When last heard from, a message recorded from the heat shield read,
"I feel so used!  Like I was an object..."
When we get colonies on mars they'll find hobos living in discarded space vehicle parts....
Ahh parents / children. Hold on a second. I thought this was science not psychology.
after the rover become unusable,, it will also be space junk.. then man begins to put there junks in mars.
HAHAHAHAHA Watched the rover landing think it's cool that we are trying to invade other planets rather than foreign country's hey america can you ever change your political initiatives 
To be fair all the pieces even the rover are forever stranded on mars.
No environmentalist should support NASA... ever. that is unless they only care about the surface of earth. 
Who knew robotic space exploration equipment could be Catholic?
what are u people talking???
bullshit emotions of non living things and seriously thinking about space and environment of mars!!!
common guys... just chill, enjoy and MOVE ON PLEASE!!!
I have thought about space junk for awhile now but not in a humorous way :-(
+Ernestino O.S This took a lot of money that was spent fueling the US economy. You are upset that they did not give that money to you directly?
C:\Users\administrator>ping curiosityrover.nasa.gov

Pinging a8819.dscg.akamai.net [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=1671367ms TTL=54
Reply from bytes=32 time=1671368ms TTL=54
Reply from bytes=32 time=1671369ms TTL=54
Reply from bytes=32 time=1671368ms TTL=54

Ping statistics for
  Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
  Minimum = 1671367ms, Maximum = 1671369ms, Average = 1671368ms
No worries-the money never left earth....
An amazing accomplishment and a very creative way to educate on what it took to get curiosity in place.  For those of you worried about polluting Mars.  Think globally act locally.  The Earth is far more at risk than a few pieces of metal and circuit boards in the name of exploration. 
Let's laugh a bit. No? OK, let's explore. No? An astounding feat of engineering. Not interested? Global cooperation: Canada, Germany, Spain, Finland and Russia. Still do nothing for ya? Then I stand in awe of the vast abyss, the impossible divide between the curious and the rest.
We should send someone or something to clean up mars and the space around mars. So that none of that junk is floating around everywhere
Thought for sure there would be a punchline related to the "9 months"...well played!!
Errr.. guys you do realized.. that mars is a dead planet rite
Haha that's how I feel when I win a contest.......
That`s all pretty funny, but they failed to mention all of the man-hours and money it took to get there.

Just wondering... a parachute works by trapping air underneath. So what? :)
I just wanted to say I watched one of your teach shows liked.
Yeah but what if there made up of round things too what then?
No it isn't it's hard to find a needle in a hay stack!
+David Rank compared to finding a dead voyager on the edge of the solar system to clean up, it is easy
Well maybe the hay stack just wasn't big enough or something.
Why does this feel like a mommy guilt trip story it was well done thanks for the creativity guy's
I read all of this in Portal Drone and GladOS voices.
this is so " guilty-funny "
If they ever turn this into a audio cartoon it should be read by Howards mom from BBT :-) 
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