“Ok, then it’s agreed. We can build a rocket and all get the hell out of here before any of the problems start.”
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I recognize Bert (Einstein) [even without Ernie (Rutherford)], Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Thomas Alva Edison, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and I think Isaac Newton, and maybe Tycho Brahe. Unfortunately I cannot enlarge the image on my phone. Can anyone tag this photo completely from l to r.
You know when you start acting like an stupid person playing with others beliefs you're no better than those who criticize science....
If someone dosen't believe in something that's Ok ! But making fun out of it ? really ? that's how you can prove to be the right one?
I'm not following how this is making fun of religion.
False equivalence at its finest. That aside, Da Vinci's Last Supper has been the subject of parody for a long time. It's the American Gothic of High Renaissance Art. It's been used in advertising for decades. It's an iconic image. Get over it.
yeah right ...
accepting the wrong things as normal is great way of being part of a better world ....
i don't expect the jokes to stop... But i do wish persons who's place in society are of some relevance not to endorse that kind of behavior.
There's a greater chance that might happen, if you were to actually say what the problem is. Right now, all we can do is speculate as to what is upsetting you.
+Kevin Burger People are addicted to outrage. It's the current drug of choice for many. It's what they do instead of being productive members of society. They go around looking for their fix
+limbervando campos paulino How, exactly is this making fun of religion? I was under the impression that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, of course, the flattery is to Da Vinci's prowess as a muralist. Come on, defend your assertion.
+David Love From L to R, Galileo, Marie Curie, Oppenheimer, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Thomas Edison, Aristotle, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin.
+Rodrigo Mesa Seriously ? In case you didn't know the last supper is one of the biggest symbols of christianity, I do get the idea of putting Einstein as Christ and all those great minds of science as his apostles... It has kind a sense of humor on it. however the only things in history that take over symbols where other religions, cults and sociopaths as Hitler did with the swastika... trying to legitimate themselves as the new power. Science is no religion nor a cult ! much less a system in need of legitimization ! Science is knowledge, science is there to clarify men's mind... Not to succumb into society needs of replacement nor it needs of mocking something that condemns their behavior just to feel better with it self. Science is much more than a weekend joke... when you allow science to follow with this kind of jokes you do nothing more than bring it down to a childish play... What science need is only to be itself it doesn't has to prove that god exists, it don't have to prove that god doesn't exists. Science needs only to be science.
Still didn't answer how this is mocking religion. There is a difference between drawing parallels and mocking.
Well dude when you put one man in the place of a God or the Place of God's son ... that's basically saying that the man is the God or man is better than God ... and for Christians its mocking....
No it's not, it's drawing parallels in relationships. Like Jesus is to God as George W Bush is to George H W Bush. That's not saying George H W Bush is god, it's saying that there is a father/son relationship.
No that's mocking.... Just because something ins't holly to you doesn't mean it's not cherished by another person...
And please let's not get into politics... :)
Ha ha, I wasn't trying to get into politics, it was just another father/son relationship that would be widely known. Based on your profile, I'm guessing that English isn't your primary language, but I can assure you that in English, that statement was not mocking.
I want to know how the table doesn't tip over, especially with all those great minds to figure out the problem. The only person I see preventing it from happening is Isaac Newton. Just a thought and also a break from the inane religiosity.
Maybe the rest of them decided to let Mr. Gravity worry about it?
Never ascribe to ignorance and religion what is better explained by schizophrenia.
+Rodrigo Mesa chill out ... your problems with the argument are your own.
you are the one outraged here... maybe you missed the point ? and then again you're putting science at the Simpsons level ? is that it ? please +Kevin Burger Had a nice view of things ... contested with reason and tranquility.
+Seg ƃǝS is probably referring his line to "hitler" and he is quite right about that. But you seems to keep clinging on te outrage thing ? Peace ^^ Be cool, and remember debating things is the only way to evolve.
What a dumb argument. Here's something we should argue over instead - Newton should be the one in the middle.
I agree that Newton would be a better central figure than Bert, but best would be Thales, who promulgated the idea that there are unvarying laws of the universe, which are knowable and can be relied upon, without recourse to the arbitrary whims of a capricious God or conglomeration of gods.
that is tough one ... thales at his time was tremendous. Just to come up with something like that... No arguing here.
what seems to me is that even today a great number of guys hold some kind of grudge against a name, symbol or whatever ...
I could say here that everything with a sense, a direction even better a pattern... has been created, planed or ignited. whatever people call it is meaningless.
Returning to the paint, Tesla was framed, stolen, misjudge and gave the world as we know it it's actual technological shape. He had no such thing as "Oppenheimer's Anguish" to deal with... for that i stay with Tesla.
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