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You know, because we can.

Here's a pic of a car on Mars driving, zapping, and drilling the surface, taken by an orbiter traveling overhead, that is then sent via radio waves to giant dishes on Earth that pick out the signal from the noise of the universe and put it on the web.

Look at that beautiful rover and those delicate tracks.

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The world-renowned astrophysicist, author and host of the recent FOX reboot of "Cosmos," is speaking at the Schnitz on September 16, but if you want to get a glimpse of one of science's biggest celebrities, you'd do well to buy tickets ASAP.
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I wish I could afford to go. I'm only a few hours away :-(
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Mouse over text;
   "To be fair, my job at NASA was working on robots and didn't actually involve any orbital mechanics. The small positive slope over that period is because it turns out that if you hang around at NASA, you get in a lot of conversations about space."  

h/t +Jim Cox 
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GOD DAMMIT, I love you, +Neil deGrasse Tyson! Any chance there's going to be another meeting of the minds with you and +Richard Dawkins?  I really love the inter-discipline discussions you guys have.
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Props where Props are due.
So Props to +cooljunkproductions 
TNdGTFC abides.
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I love all you do,the fact you take time out of your busy day to respond to people on you tube and other places makes me admire you more.Keep up the great work.
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Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy discuss humanity’s biggest engineering challenge
Enjoy this Cosmic Query “Behind the Scenes” video, which also features NASA astronaut Mike Massimino and comic co-host Eugene Mirman
#billnyethescienceguy   #eugenemirman  
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"Neil de Grasse Tyson knows no fear — because he knows his physics." - LA Times
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Adam A
Fox seems to cover a little of everything Football, Adult comedy, Biased News etc... lol they will profit like any business catering to more categories. 
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April 15, 2014
+NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory    will host a news teleconference at 11 a.m. PDT (2 p.m. EDT) Thursday, April 17, to announce a new discovery made by its planet-hunting mission, the Kepler Space Telescope.
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omg lol i died
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Bouncing about the stage like a particle in motion and interspersing science with the delivery of a stand-up comic, celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson gave a capacity crowd at Tulane University's McAlister Auditorium a tour through recent astronomical events on...
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