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Shifali Rao

So you have a laptop and a desktop computer, and a smartphone and probably a tablet. Come now, do you really need a SmartTV?

What must one look for while buying a geocaching GPS for kids? Any tips?

I think the Lord of the Rings trilogy should only be watched on one of these plasmas -

It's the only way!

No offence to smarter geocachers out there, but I just thought this might help? Some of these products are pretty cool...

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This took me deep into the woods of Lorien
The Lord of the Rings Symphony Full length

"An ode to Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pip. I hope I'm not spamming Middle-Earth!" -The End 

And grave is monster’s filthy deed,
To retrieve Master’s dire need.
With gleam of gold
And lore of old,
In Halfling’s wield, in Dark Lord’s stead.

But unquenchable is Hobbit’s will
To rid the world of wishes ill
Banish thoughts of fear and doubt
That from fair hearts hope does rout

Then bring an age of people fair,
Far beyond the shadows snare
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