+Erik Orgell made a post (in a much more erudite way) that has prompted me to write this:

Having been circled by quite a few this week, thought it wise to just say that I've been trying to put most people into specific circles. So, if you've got an info section which states where our interests might meet, I'll put you into the appropriate circle.

I have two main circles you're being dumped into - Photography and Bikes. If you've made posts I find interesting you may go into another. If there's no info in your Bio, and you've made no original public posts, you ain't getting circled, in which case you'll just see my posts about music and camera fnord pics of the local hills.

If you haven't been circled by me and want to see my intermittent ramblings about Adobe Photoshop™, let me know here please!

To be very honest they really are bloody rare, and not very useful.

Right, hope that clarifies it all!

Best wishes, have a lovely weekend,

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