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I am not lost, just a little unsure of my exact location. “Not all those who
wander are lost” J. R. R. Tolkien, The
Lord of the Rings What is lost? The
dictionary defines the state of being lost as “having gone astray or missed the
way; bewildered as to pla...

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What About West Peak?
If you love being outdoors in Juneau, then you are familiar
with most of the local mountains that are popular day hikes. There’s Mt.
Juneau, obviously, then Gastineau Peak, Mt. Roberts, and Sheep Mt. Looking at
Douglas Island from downtown Juneau, Mt. Bradl...

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Thunder Mountain traverse - now and then
Yes, I'm still hiking! Yes, I have been hiking. No, I have not been writing about
my hikes. I have been approached by quite a few people over the past 11 months
(has it been that long since my last blog?), asking me when I was going to
write again. People h...

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How I Got My PFD One Day Early
Every time I looked at the weather forecast, I had to rub my eyes. The rain followed by showers followed by more rain was easy to believe. But what was this sunny weather predicted in the middle of the week? At one point the forecaster was bold enough to ca...

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Hiking the trail from Windfall Lake to Montana Creek

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A Real Juneau Hiker
Ancient corduroy along an old section of the Windfall Lake - Montana Creek trail Most of the low lying trails around Juneau involve hiking
out and back. We are surrounded by saltwater on one side and the Juneau
Icefield on the other, with glacier carved val...

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