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49ers Podcast: Who's Got it Better Than Us? NOBODY!
49ers Podcast: Who's Got it Better Than Us? NOBODY!

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Week 2 #49ers Now Podcast Rundown:
- Hip Hop Comparibles – Sophomore Slump or One Hit Wonder?
- Steelers Positive Takeaways
- Preview NFC West Matchup with #AZCardinals

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#49ers  Now Week 1 Podcast Rundown
- HIP HOP COMPARABLES: Kaep is Drake???
- #Vikings game:  BALLIN !!!
- Jimmy T in the goddamn building !!!
- #Steelers   game: If we win, the perception of our team flips

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We're back!

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1. Seahawks recap – D balled, O did not
2. Who is to blame for the troubles on O?
3. Interview with #49ers Senior Reporter Taylor Price (#NinerTalk & 49ers Radio) – topics covered:
Harbaugh rumors – is there fire behind the smoke, or are these rumors manufactured by the media?
Why is Kaep not running the ball?  (SPOILER ALERT: Price believes he will be running more moving forward)
Harbaugh’s relationship with Baalke and York
Reaction to Baalke’s daughter’s postgame tweet re Greg Roman
4. Raiders preview – Big game/Must win and the O needs to click NOW

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Week 11 Podcast Rundown
- Officially introducing Asher Roth as an every-week co-host of the podcast — welcome Ash!
- Plans for watching the Hawks game include Pizzle possibly getting a divorce/how to become a DVR ninja if your Thanksgiving interferes with gametime….
- Interview with MTV’s Hip Hop Squares host/Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg:  Rosenberg breaks down the 49ers/Washington R—kins game AND discusses his personal interactions with RGIII
- Seattle preview – WHY WE WILL WIN THIS GAME

#49ers   #seahawks   #redskins   #asherroth   #peterrosenberg   #49ersfaithful   #ninernation  

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Podcast Rundown
5 INTS = 16 PTS & a W? We’ll take it.
Borland is added to the Hall of Katz Kids XL Jerseys
Is Kaepernick the problem with our O?
Will the O finally hit their stride vs the Washington Racists?

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Podcast Rundown Week 7/BYE
1. Broncos… Did that game happen? Katz can’t remember
2. Trouble in Seattle
3. Can the Niners realistically win the NFC?
4. Austin Davis = Brady + K. Warner???? Rams Preview
5. Los Gigantes

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We are trying to get these out earlier and improve the audio... The Audio is still a work in progress, but El should be back to a real Mic next week. 

Week 6 Podcast Rundown
1. Cowboys Win Proving EL Wrong to Everyone Except EL
2. 49ers Get the W, but at a Cost
3. El 100% Sure of 9ers W in Denver, BP 10%…

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Week 5 Podcast Rundown

1. Elliot wins $0 on Bengals bet
2. Media Playing Harbaugh or Harbaugh Playing the Media?
3. Phil Dawson beats the Chiefs
4. Niners v Rams Preview

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Week 3 (not 4 as I say) Podcast Rundown
- Cardinals game recap
- What’s wrong with the 9ers? In Elliot world nothing.
- Philly Preview
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