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I have another question, I upgraded my printer to the PeterS dual e3d heads, and and have just started printing with them, I upgraded my marlin recently, and something I just noticed now is that in some cases if I am extruding to load or clean the nozzle the extruder "skips" a lot more than I remember with the old RB extruder. It only happens after a few seconds of extruding, basically like its trying to push too much too fast. not during printing, but only when load/unload/clean.

I'm printing ABS with a temp of 245ish. happens on a bunch of different filaments.

Is this normal? or should I find some setting somewhere to turn down the feed-rate on the extruder for those functions so that it doesn't happen?

So far I haven't had any major issues with printing itself, but I could have sworn this never happened with the old RB extruder, when I was just jogging the extruder to prime things. to me it seems like the filament is not spending as much time in the e3d to get hot which could very likely be the case since the design is different.

Just wanted other peoples opinion to make sure nothing is wrong, or if I should change anything in my setup.



Hi, does anyone have a cura profile for the rigidbot big with Peters dual extruder ? The latest cura doesn't come with a dual option for the rigidbot anymore which is pretty lame, and I figured before venturing to try to build a new one in XML/json land I would ask here to see if anyone had already done it?


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Hi Peter,   I received my mount kit  today in the mail, after being called by the postmaster  inspector in  Los Angeles.   It appears that the mailer  you put together isn't compatible with the machinery  in the US postal system and it pretty badly mangled the package.  Unfortunately  both of my   metal plates are  warped as  seen in the picture,  the big one only slightly   but the smaller one  took the most of the bending it appears.   I am going to attempt to straighten them, but  I was wondering if it might be possible to get replacements for just the metal brackets re-shipped.  I believe all the other parts made it but  the  instructions also got ripped to shreds so I am not sure yet of the part inventory to doublecheck.   I just wanted to let you know that it might be better to put these into some sort of   box  or padded mailer for  US shipments  in the future.   Thanks and please let me know.  
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Hi,  wondering if anyone could give some advice.
After a bit of printing  my   rigidbot  starts  missing steps and not advancing the Z axis  so the   extruder tip begins to muck around in the previous layers.  I'm asuming some sort of  mis-adjustment,  but not sure where to look first..  I  cracked open the  controller board case, and tried to look at the  voltage pots on the controller channels,  but  they seem to barely move, and  I could barely find  any sort of screwdriver  that would turn then ,  they're terrible...  it seems that the  z axis is  up fairly high voltage wise, but I can't be  totally sure.
any suggestions for the kind of screwdiver to use that actually works?
The prints seem to work ok for a bit if I start from a cold startup.  but  running small part print  after print makes it start losing steps,  so I am wondering if it may be a cooling issue,  I may try putting a fan in the case as well..  the heatsinks are really small it seemed as I was looking at them.  

any other tips or  ideas for me would be welcome! 
thanks,  I'm new around here. so I appreciate any help.

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