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New! (box) from Todd Murphy Law







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New! (Atlantic City Foreclosure Rate Highest In The Country) from Todd Murphy Law
1 in 257 homes in Atlantic City is in foreclosure.
Realty Trak reported in October that Atlantic City has the highest foreclosure rate in the Country (and Trenton is second) (see article here). There was a foreclosure complaint filed on one in every 257 homes in Atlantic City in October.  This is #Foreclosure | #Atlantic_City, #Foreclosure, #New_Jersey

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New! (What Documents Do I Need For A Loan Modification) from Todd Murphy Law
Getting a loan modification can be frustrating but it doesn't have to be.
It's all about getting the documents the lender requested and getting them into the lender all at one time.  Don't submit an incomplete package.
Here is a list of what most lenders require for a loan modification:

Two #Foreclosure, #Home_Loan_Modification | #Foreclosure, #Loan_Modification, #New_Jersey

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New! (Will I Qualify For a Loan Modification) from Todd Murphy Law
You Want A Loan Modification: How Will You Know If You Qualify?
Getting a loan modification can be frustrating but wouldn't it be helpful to know if you qualify right now?  There is a simple rule of thumb that you can use.  Compare your income to your new estimated monthly payment after a loan m #Foreclosure, #Home_Loan_Modification | #Foreclosure, #Loan_Modification, #New_Jersey

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New! (Two Biggest Reasons People Fail To Get A Loan Modification) from Todd Murphy Law
Are you frustrated that you did not get a loan modification?  Here are the Two Biggest Reasons People Don’t Get Loan Modifications and how to avoid them.
Reason 1. The single biggest reason people don’t get a loan modification is: they don’t submit all of the documents requested. You must submit a #Foreclosure, #Home_Loan_Modification | #Foreclosure, #Loan_Modification, #New_Jersey

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New! (How To Get A Loan Modification) from Todd Murphy Law

Trying to get a loan modification can be very frustrating.
I'm going to tell you the how to get a loan modification and you don't need any help from me or any other service.
But first, what is a loan modification?
A Loan Modification is changing the terms of your existing loan with your #Foreclosure, #Home_Loan_Modification | #Foreclosure, #Loan_Modification, #New_Jersey

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New! (How We Work) from Todd Murphy Law
We at Todd Murphy Law strive to provide quality legal services at a fair price and in a manner that is easy for the average person to understand.  We keep things efficient and stream-lined to maximize the benefits to our clients.  We are very careful not to waste your time.  Here's HOW WE WO

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New! (Practice Areas) from Todd Murphy Law
Todd Murphy Law is a full service real estate firm with a special focus on distressed properties, real estate investing, land use, foreclosures, and financing.  Our practice areas include foreclosure defense, land use and zoning, loan modifications, bankruptcy for both home owners, small

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New! (Sheriff Sale Help) from Todd Murphy Law
Want to stop a Sheriff Sale of your home? We can help.

We can stop, or at least delay, a Sheriff Sale while other we pursue all possible remedies to keep your home.

Want help in purchasing a home through a Sheriff's sale? We can help. Sheriff Sale purchases are more complicated than

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New! (Don't Use Your 401(k) or IRA to pay bills!!) from Todd Murphy Law
You may think your loss or reduction of income is only temporary - and hopefully you are right.  But there are better ways to handle bills than to use your 401(k) or IRA.  Don't do it.

This is really a lesson in waiting too long for help.

So many people over the last several years, m #Bankruptcy_as_an_Option, #Foreclosure, #Home_Loan_Modification | #401K, #Retirement_Savings, #Unemployment
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