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3309 Cowley Way San Diego, CA 92117
3309 Cowley WayUSCASan Diego92117
Apartment BuildingToday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
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reviewed 2 months ago
I've lived here for 3 years, and hate it. It is a decrepit over-priced dump with great amenities and maintenance, but it was built as Navy housing in the 50s and is un-insulated and has single pane windows. I live on the second (top) floor so the sun bakes the place and it gets very hot indoors. We pay $1200 for a one bedroom. the walls a paper thin. Parking is as nightmare. There are only 2 cable options. The management is incredibly arrogant. My parking permit was stolen from my car and they refuse to replace it. I Complained. their response was "Just give us your 30day notice and vacate if you don't like it." I'm not renewing my lease. My roommate can find another. I'm outta here.
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Doyle S's profile photo
Doyle S
reviewed 2 months ago
Parking is horrible and poor service with there administration. Read there policy on parking it can be confusing my vehicle has been towed twice and don't rely on their security if you're calling for a noise complaint.
rhonda fisher's profile photo
rhonda fisher
reviewed a year ago
the parking here is horrible if you are not here by 400pm you will have to park on the street i was given a parking permit and it was lost and they will not replace it which sucks because parking on the street usually takes 45 minutes to find a space and it is usualy 2 miles from your apartment.
jimmy terwilliger
reviewed 9 months ago
I lived here for about a year. No major complaints. However the building I lived in has a roach and a termite problem. Maintenance was good about fixing and attempting to fix problems. I am moving out because after my year lease they want to increase the monthly rent for no apparent reason. With the roaches and termites I see no incentive to continue to live here for more money. 2 stars beacause it could be worse...
Dan LaSusa's profile photo
Dan LaSusa
reviewed 3 years ago
Before I moved here all of these super low reviews really concerned me. I moved here anyway...and now that I have, I'm not sure exactly why this place is rated so low? First off, I do NOT work for Coral bay...I'm just a resident and have been here for almost 2 years. I'm also not sure if there are older parts of the complex? Is this place perfect? no...but it's not any worse than an average apartment. PROS: - The property is well maintained - I personally have never waited more than one day for a work order to be completed - lots of grassy areas for walking your dog - lots of laundry rooms - decent sized pool (though it DOES get busy over the summer, but it's public!) - parking, while not better here than other places I've lived in San Diego. If you're moving from someplace that has lots of space and plenty of parking...welcome to parking in San Diego :) - Rent isn't "cheap" but not crazy expensive for living 1 mile up the hill to mission bay - the office staff has always been friendly and helpful CONS: - Let's talk about rent again. This is the first place I've rented in San Diego that I'm getting charged for Trash, Water and Sewer. It's not super high, but bumps the rent bill up and many other places these services are included. - I also think if you don't have a dog, you can find other places that are just as nice, or nicer...for less. - the walls are on the thinner side, again...I've seen worse...I've seen better. It's not terrible, but with a noisy neighbor I can understand that complaint. Then again...even nice quiet walls with the "wrong" kind of neighbor...can be a pain. Welcome to the joys of apartment living. - I REALLY don't like how far away everything is. This might be nice if you're married or have a family...but I'd like to be a little closer to some sort of nightlife. - off leash dogs - this isn't so much an issue with the complex itself, but rather people (residents) that only care about them self. (for some reason it always seems to follow, the smaller the dog...the more inconsiderate the owner. mostly.) - poop in the grass. Coral Bay makes available plenty of dog poop receptacles as well as free "poop bags" so I can't really fault Coral Bay for this...many of the residents just don't care. As you see...many of the items on my "Cons" list have less to do with the complex and more to do with uncaring neighbors/residents. Not a pro or con, just something to note. When you go to re-sign your lease, Coral bay allows you to go month to month. I'm mixed on this. On the plus side, I think it's great they even let you DO month to month...many places require longer leases. However, if you WANT to go month to's VERY expensive (if I remember right, I was quoted over $1500/mo) So yeah...if you want to keep your rent need to sign a longer lease, which is kind of a bummer. I hope this was helpful and helps to balance out some of these all negative reviews. I'm not sure where these other reviewers were from, or where they lived prior...but it seems like maybe their expectations were a little too high? While San Diego isn't the worst rental market in the's not cheap to live here...and you pay more for just an "average place." Welcome to living and renting in SD :)
• • •
Athena Balistreri's profile photo
Athena Balistreri
reviewed 5 years ago
In general things started out fine at these apartments, but went down hill. I lived in the apartments for two years. Anytime you asked the management about anything regarding service they always said just come in anytime, however they run bankers hours and they can never do anything for you on the weekends, only during the week. This makes it nearly impossible for any working person to do any business with the office unless you take time off. Parking is atrocious. You are given parking passes based on the unit size however there are not nearly enough spaces so sometimes you have to park on the street a literal ten minute walk form your apartment. There are also bad neighbors found throughout as things were always being stolen off the entry areas of people units. The laundry facility is not kept up very well. The cards fault out often and the machines are not well maintained. Some of the paddles inside the dyers break of and then put holes in your clothes. They also charge you for water trash and sewer as an add on to your monthly billing statement but they are huge water wasters. Many times I would leave int eh morning only to find many cars in the parking lots or on the streets being directly sprayed by the sprinklers and not even being aimed the landscape, and many times sprinklers were broken and spewing water. Service requests are not always responded to as several times I let them know that the lights in the parking lots were not working and the stayed this way for a year until only one light of eight were working then they finally replaced bulbs, otherwise the parking lots were pitch black. I would not suggest moving here if you are looking for responsiveness from the management. They are friendly when you come in but they are not reactive. In general the unit looks nice but these units are not efficient in their design, there are a lot of wasted spaces especially the kitchen. There are only four drawers on the lower cabinetry everything else is upper cabinetry which makes objects hard to reach unless you are really tall. Watch out for extreme charges when you move out they charge for excessive things take pictures.
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