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Hey +Robert M Knight​, I figured out why the camera quality on my Syma ain't all that. It's the FRAME RATE. My boys' Hubsans have cameras. I was looking at their footage and was blown away at how much better theirs looked over mine. Theirs shoot at 30fps. Typical. My Syma? SIXTEEN fps. Both are 640x480 res, but theirs was much smoother. 

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Interesting. I have issues with most headlines today. Thoughts?

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My latest commentary went up yesterday and I didn't expect it to. I wrote it and submitted it REALLY LATE. I appreciate the editors getting it published so quickly. Anyways, the talk is about artificial intelligence ( #AI ). I share my two cents on what Google did recently for photography.
Thanks for checking it out and yall have a good Wednesday.

<fist bump>

via +TechRepublic

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Adjustment brush on MOBILE!!!! #CreateAndDominate 

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Aaaaand I see those 5lbs I lost coming back. Looks good
Butter Pecan Ice Cream Pie
This is being made, right NOW! :D

My plan is to make it in small individual size tarts. Stretch the 10 servings to 12 ish. I also used powdered erythritol instead of Swerve. It's what I have AND a significant number less carbs. I like the taste of it in ice creams. #Winning

At that size, the macros on this one are insanely good!

330 calories
31 g. fat
3 g. protein
3 g. carbs
5 g. fiber (for a net carb -2 g.)

Ice cream is in the freezing process now. Will assemble this evening and take pics to be posted below! :D

#Keto #Ketogenic #Diet #Fitness #HFLC #Lifestyle #Keto4Life #LowCarb #HealthyEats #WeightLoss #Fasting #IntermittentFasting #IF #BodyWeightSetPoint #InsulinResistance #InsulinSensitivity #DiabeticDiet

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"Horn Dog"
Put some nice headphones on #twt 
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