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Lifestyle, Beauty & Happiness

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My first Back To School post is here and it's a DIY for affordable, cute and minimalistic notebooks.

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Disney really gave me some unrealistic expectations. What about you?

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I'm looking for the perfect perfume since mine is being discontinued :(
Please read the post to know all about the Lacoste Touch of Pink and HELP ME FIND A PERFUME!
And pretty please do not suggest the Lacome’s La Vie Est Belle, I’ve tried my little sis's and dropped it because it’s too damn sweet for me!! cries in spanish

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It's my first blog post and it's about me - how selfish am I, really?! No fam, it's the 50 Things About Me TAG for you to get to know me better.

So, if you're a potterhead, a disney aficionado, a anxiety sufferer or just a random-place-singer, than come give it a look as I think you'll enjoy it very much ;)
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