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Peter Cornish

Seeing intermittent broken images in Client's G+ pages
Anyone else seeing this ?
Is this something specific to their account or broader issue

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Im disappointed to see Amazon's EC2 platform is being used to host website exploit probes by hackers.

Lets hope they can get on top of this quickly!
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Looking to salvage some good content from a regional site we are shutting down and bring it into the mothership. We'd appreciate thoughts on the best approach that minimises exposure to duplicated content issue

An associates Local Maps says they are closed - but they arent
Google+ account link give 500 errors
How do we recover from this ?

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There's movement in the 'force'
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How to escape a Duplicated Content Penalty.
A site's main SEO issue was a domain parked on top, presumably resulting in a dup content penalty. 

Have changed the parked domain to a 301 redirect (should it just be removed it altogether?) and replaced most of the site's text a few weeks ago but still no significant organic performance change

Have we done enough to clear the dup content penalty ?
What lead time is it likely to be before we see organic performance change ? 

I use a popular 'pinging service' to monitor client's website availability/outages and page load performance over time.

Given 'Visitor interaction' is a key Google parameter and the ping robot doesn't interact with its hourly visits is this likely to be detrimental to Google organic performance for these sites ?  Should I be looking at getting the ping robot to perform an 'interaction' ?

Have your clients received the spam-like email 'invitation' to participate in Kochie's Business Builders $100K Web Rescue Competition
Is it real or a thinly disguised web -redevelopment lead generation email ?
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I have major issues with this 'advise' and appreciate your input:
Google associates multiple sub-branded websites as from the same business therefore interlinking is not SEO damaging... 

Has anyone seen evidence of a Google penalty due to posting blogs 'too frequently' - say one per day everyday
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