We will be releasing Fast Track version 9.1 of the Nuxeo Platform in the coming weeks. We will start a freeze period during which we will suspend our automatic retrieval of contributions from Crowdin. The Nuxeo Platform 9.1 freeze period will start on March 31st.

Note that in order to improve the quality of the Nuxeo Platform and user experience, only languages that are sufficiently translated will be available in the default distribution. Other languages will be available in an addon from the Nuxeo Marketplace. The conditions for a language to be available by default are that it is translated at 95% and approved at 75% minimum. Contact us if you would like to be able to approve translation in your favorite language.

You can read the documentation "How to translate the Nuxeo Platform" at https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/how-to-translate-the-nuxeo-platform/ if you want to know more about our process. Do not hesitate to tell if you see deprecated labels that do not seem to be used anywhere, or if you run into an issue linked to translations management.

Thank you for your contributions to the Nuxeo Platform.
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