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Dear HelloFax,

Your helpdesk ( is not working (#FAIL). I don't have any confidence in the request I posted in your "Leave us a message" pop-up box powered by ZenDesk, so I am posting the request here, again.

Technically I cancelled the service just before my 30-day trial period ends. But it looks like you have already generated an invoice and charged my. I want you to cancel the service, and refund any amounts charged so far.

I signed up for service at 9:55 AM on 24th Jul 2015 (based on the first email I received from you). And I canceled it a few minutes ago, around 8:55 AM on 23rd Aug 2015.

'8:55, Aug 23 2015' - '9:55, Jul 24 2015'
= 29 days 23:00:00

God is Probability. #GodIsProbability

With driver's license in hand, I am officially a resident of California. Rapidly becoming one of the crazies here! #SiliconValley

There are 10 kinds of people: Those who are curious and those that aren't.

Exciting first day @Thalesesecurity R&D. Got the latest @KeyAuthority server to rip open/hack on, and replace @MySQL with @postgresql FTW

It bothersome that my daughter's first grade teacher responded to my email (from a phone, no less) in the middle of a school day.

At behest of marketing I am changing talk title from "How Databases Work" to "RDBMS rules, NoSQL Drools"@postgresopen#pgopen2014 #kidding

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+Joyent @Joyent Please correct "PostgreSQL" spelling on on your features page; it's missing the 'e'.
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