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World Exclusive?!

Called the Apple Quicktake, this digital camera features a 32-megapixel CMOS sensor, sound-canceling microphone, HD video recording, voice control, and the world's first rotating camera lens. No word yet on pricing or availability.

The "Eyefocus+" in video mode can target the person by reproducing the effect of the human eye, (the camera lens can be rotated a few millimeters to the left and right as human eyes to capture more images) creating an unprecedented focus effect. There are different modes, such as slow motion video, 3D panorama mode, HDR, the burst mode at 60 frames per second, image stabilization, smile detection and tracking of the eyes, never to lose the only right time, anti blur mode, most advanced in the world.
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January 30, 2012 - 1000 CET

Strait of Malacca – One week after the restart of Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 in Male, Maldives, the race’s six-boat fleet has made its way south through the Malacca Strait, while confronting a multitude of natural and man-made dangers along this particular stretch of waterway.

The race officially entered the 500-mile long (800km) Strait of Malacca on Friday as Team Telefónica rounded Pulau We island narrowly ahead of the trailing fleet. With Telefónica, PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG and Groupama sailing team just 300 metres apart at times over the weekend as they headed south, the three lead boats were keeping a close eye on one another.

But as much as the teams focused on match racing each other, the race leaders and three other boats – CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Team Sanya – were equally focused on the unique challenges posed by the Malacca Strait.

This stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra is the major shipping channel between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, carrying roughly 25% of the world’s traded goods.

Three days into the Strait, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet has contended with massive commercial ships, unlit fishing vessels, underwater fishing nets and general ocean debris. The teams are on constant watch, with team navigators even asking commercial ships to alter course on occasion.

The Strait is also notorious for unpredictable weather with shifting winds and powerful currents common in the area. CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand dropped anchor at one point over the weekend, due to lack of wind and strong currents.

As the race heads south towards Singapore Island on Monday, the racing boats will have to further contend with the congested Phillips Channel, which narrows to a width of just 1.5 miles (2.8km) before the fleet head north for their final push across the South China Sea and the Leg 3 finish into Sanya, China.

Team Telefónica currently lead the overall standings with 71 points to CAMPER’s 64. Groupama is in third place with 51 points. The race made a stop in Singapore during the 2008-09 edition.
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MStar Licenses ARM Mali GPU Technology for Smart-TV Applications

ARM today announced that MStar, a leading semiconductor supplier for display and digital home solutions, has licensed ARM Mali Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology for use in smart-TV applications. Already highly integrated into existing MStar products and deployed in the latest mainstream consumer electronics devices, the Mali-400 MP GPU strengthens MStar's industry-leading smart-TV solutions. This includes support for high performance applications, such as the latest 3D user interfaces and gaming experiences.

The deepening relationship between MStar and ARM aims to drive technology innovation between the two companies and alignment on future product roadmaps. User experience is a particular focus as Mali GPU technology is able to provide high-resolution, anti-aliased image quality.

"As a pioneer in the digital home applications space, MStar aims to work with the best partners and the cutting edge technologies they provide," commented WK Chia, vice president of research and development, MStar. "Our cooperation with ARM is proving successful, with the Mali-400 GPU in mass production as a key component of the MStar smart-TV system-on-chip (SoC). Seamless support from partners, such as ARM, allows MStar to continue to provide customers with best-in-class solutions and further strengthens our leadership position."

"As consumers demand an improved user experience, one of the challenges will be to provide high quality graphics on all screen sizes," said Pete Hutton, general manager of the media processing division, ARM. "Companies, such as MStar are responding to the needs of consumers and the OEMs that supply devices by introducing innovative SoCs based on ARM Mali GPU technology. ARM is proud to be working with MStar as a partner that is driving innovation in consumer markets, such as smart-TVs."

About MStar Semiconductor, Inc.

MStar Semiconductor, Inc. ("MStar") is a world-class leader in Application Specific ICs ("ASIC") with a focus on consumer electronic products and communication applications. Since the inception in 2002, MStar has established a strong brand and leadership position in LCD controller, analog and digital TV, and mobile communication applications by fully leveraging its core expertise of cutting-edge design capabilities, continuous innovation and premier customer-focused services. Headquartered in Taiwan, MStar has a comprehensive global footprint covering over 15 international R&D and customer support centers to provide a full range of total solutions for various consumer electronic applications. MStar went public in 2010 and is listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit or contact Investor Relations at +886 3 552 6006 Ext. 5888 or

About ARM

ARM designs the technology that is at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM’s comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design services, training, support and maintenance, and the company’s broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. Find out more about ARM by following these links:

ARM website:
ARM Connected Community®:
ARM Mali Developer Center:
ARM Blogs:
ARMFlix on YouTube:
ARM on Twitter:

ARM is a registered trademark of ARM Limited. Mali is a trademark of ARM Limited All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders. “ARM" is used to represent ARM Holdings plc; its operating company ARM Limited; and the regional subsidiaries ARM Inc.; ARM KK; ARM Korea Limited.; ARM Taiwan Limited; ARM France SAS; ARM Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.; ARM Germany GmbH; ARM Embedded Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; ARM Norway, AS and ARM Sweden AB
Overview. MStar is a global leader in supplying application specific ICs (ASIC) for the consumer and communication product markets. MStar has successfully built a diverse product portfolio that propel...
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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Begins Widespread Adoption of Maplesoft Technology

Lanika announces today a major adoption of Maplesoft’s products by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). JPL is implementing Maple, MapleSim, and MapleNet in its various projects. Whether creating America's first satellite, Explorer 1, sending the first robotic craft to the moon, or exploring the edges of the solar system, JPL has been at the forefront of pushing the limits of exploration.

Curiosity, JPL’s latest space rover, launched at the end of November, aims to explore Mars to investigate whether the planet could have ever supported microbial life. Current JPL projects include spacecraft missions to comets, asteroids and the edge of the solar system, as well as satellites that monitor the land, oceans, and atmosphere of our own planet.

Maplesoft products are expected to help JPL save time and reduce cost by providing more efficient and smarter methods for mathematical analysis, modeling, and simulation. Maplesoft solutions are built within a natively symbolic framework, avoiding some of the worst sources of error and computational inefficiencies generated by traditional, numeric-based tools – thus providing great tools for precision-rich projects such as those of JPL.

In addition to using Maple for advanced mathematical analysis, JPL will use MapleSim, Maplesoft’s high-performance physical modeling and simulation platform, as a key tool in its engineering workflow. MapleSim works in combination with Maple. It accesses Maple’s symbolic computation technology to efficiently handle all of the complex mathematics involved in the development of engineering models, including multi-domain systems, multibody systems, plant modeling, and control design.

“Maplesoft products will allow JPL to unify their approach to mathematics, modeling, and simulation,” says Paul Goossens, Vice President, Applications Engineering, Maplesoft. “MapleSim’s intimate connection to the underlying physics of the system models, combined with the knowledge capture and analysis capabilities inherent in Maple, will make project design and development faster and more accountable. JPL scientists will arrive at optimal solutions much faster, and their models will be much more reusable.”

Maplesoft technology is also being used in other space robotics research. Dr. Amir Khajepour, Canada Research Chair in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems and Professor of Engineering in the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering department at the University of Waterloo, is working with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), to develop a full solution for the power management system of autonomous rovers. His team is using MapleSim to rapidly develop high fidelity, multi-domain models of the rover subsystems.

About Lanika Solutions

Lanika is provider of technical computing software & high-end hardware tools for engineers and scientists in industry, government and education. The Company partners with reputed principals developing industry leading solutions that help a wide base of clients throughout the Indian sub-continent solve the toughest engineering problems.

Lanika Solutions partners with reputed principals developing industry leading solutions. Currently, Lanika Solutions is partnered with Maplesoft, Reactive Systems, Lyrtech, Visualization Sciences Group (VSG), Breault Research Organization (BRO), ExpertControl, Sigma Technology and DCG/ Powersys Solutions.

Lanika Solutions product offerings and support reflects the philosophy that given great tools, clients can simplify development, increase productivity, and dramatically reduce time to market. Company’s suites of technical products help clients to quickly solve practical problems within the framework of the premier products and services provided.

The Company’s offerings have been selected as the leading products available to scientists and engineers in their respective application areas. The Company will continue to expand its offerings through organic growth in related technology/market segments as other premium solutions become available.

Visit to learn more.

About Maplesoft

Maplesoft™, a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. in Japan, is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. Its product suite reflects the philosophy that given great tools, people can do great things.

Maplesoft’s core technologies include the world’s most advanced symbolic computation engine and revolutionary physical modeling techniques. Combined together, these technologies enable the creation of cutting-edge tools for design, modeling, and high-performance simulation.

Maplesoft’s products help to reduce errors, shorten design times, lower costs, and improve results. The Maplesoft product suite includes Maple™, the technical computing and documentation environment, and MapleSim™, the high-performance, multi-domain modeling and simulation tool for physical systems.

Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians use Maplesoft products to enable them to work better, faster, and smarter. Maplesoft’s customers include Ford, BMW, Bosch, Boeing, NASA, Canadian Space Agency, Canon, Motorola, Microsoft Research, Bloomberg, and DreamWorks, covering sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense, energy, financial services, consumer products, and entertainment. With Toyota, Maplesoft founded the Plant Modeling Consortium to promote the development of new design techniques for automotive and related industries.

Visit to learn more.
Lanika provides technical computing software and high-performance hardware tools for engineers and scientists to solve their toughest engineering problems in mathematics, modeling, simulation, testing...
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January 22, 2012 - 1300 UTC Leg 3 Stage 2 Day 1

Team Sanya celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve by leading a full strength Volvo Ocean Race fleet off the start line on the 3,051-nautical mile Leg 3 second stage from the Maldives to their home port in China.

In hot and humid tropical conditions the fleet got away cleanly on schedule at 0800 UTC on Sunday (1300 local time in the Maldives) with Team Sanya, the first sole Chinese entry in the Volvo Ocean Race, making the early running immediately after the start of their homecoming leg.

Sanya continued to scrap for the lead in the first few hours of sailing with less than half a nautical mile separating the six-boat fleet.

Speaking from the boat in a live video call after the start Chinese crew member Teng Jiang He, otherwise known as Tiger, confirmed that Team Sanya had got away to the best possible start.

“We had a perfect start this morning,” he said. “We were the first boat to cross the start line and we are still in the lead now an hour and a half into the race.”

Tiger is hoping the Year of the Dragon will herald a change in fortune for Sanya, who were forced out of Leg 1 inside the first 24 hours and also suffered rig damage in the first stage of Leg 2. He was hopeful of an arrival in Sanya in time the Lantern Festival in just over two weeks’ time.

“I wish all people in China a great Chinese New Year,” he said. “I also sincerely wish our boat a great prospect in the Year of the Dragon. The Lantern Festival is on February 6 so I hope we can arrive in Sanya before then and have a good celebration before the New Year festival period concludes.”

By 1100 UTC the closely packed fleet continued to track south easterly sailing line abreast on port tack separated by less than three nautical miles from north to south with all six boats working flat out for the lead.

At that time Ken Read’s PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG had taken up the most northerly position shadowed by overall race leader Team Telefónica skippered by Iker Martínez.

In the middle of the fleet Chris Nicholson’s CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand, Team Sanya and Ian Walker’s Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing had formed a close knit bunch, while Franck Cammas’ Groupama sailing team were pursuing the most southerly route.

The Leg 3 second stage course will see the fleet cross the Bay of Bengal to the north west tip of Sumatra where they will enter the congested waters of the Malacca Strait before eventually turning north east to negotiate strong winds and steep waves in the South China sea on their way to the finish on the island of Sanya.

CAMPER skipper Chris Nicholson said he expected the fleet to face some extreme conditions after passing Singapore.

“It looks like we are in for a lot of breeze on the way up to China,” he said. “The first 1000 miles isn’t too bad, there's just the lighter trade winds, they get up to 15 knots at one stage, then we do the Malacca Strait. At the moment I think it looks quite light and quite tricky down there.

“Round the corner to Singapore it looks like we’re in a for quite a rough time all the way to China. It’s the sort of thing that if you can lead out of the Malacca Strait and you keep the pressure on I’d say it would be good. But will be quite boat breaking conditions.”

By 1200 UTC CAMPER had eked out a narrow 0.3 nm lead over PUMA, with Telefónica holding on to third despite being significantly slowed by a breakage their headsail.

"It was a real shame because we were going very well,” commented Media Crew Member Diego Fructuoso. “We're now working on repairing everything that broke -- Jordi (Calafat) and Zane (Gills) on the sail and Ñeti (Antonio Cuervas-Mons) and Pepe (Ribes) on the ropes.

“Now we have to get everything right and start our comeback,” he added.

The boats will take around two weeks to complete Leg 2 with an estimated arrival in Sanya on or around February 6.
Eighty percent of the points for Leg 3 remain up for grabs, after the Stage 1 sprint from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah delivered the other 20 percent to all the teams except for Sanya, who will score full points for this stage*.

* As Sanya were unable to race the first stage of Leg 3, they will score full points for this leg – 30 points for 1st place, 25 for 2nd, 20 for 3rd, 15 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 5 for 6th. The other teams will score points on the following scale – 24 points for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 16 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, 8 for 5th, 4 for 6th.
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January 13, 2012

1 Team Telefónica 68
2 CAMPER with Emirates Team NZ 62
3 Groupama Sailing Team 47
4 PUMA Ocean Racing by BERG 31
5 Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 25
6 Team Sanya *4

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing scored a commanding victory on home waters on Friday, taking top spot in the Etihad Airways In-Port Race to the delight of thousands of ecstatic fans at the Volvo Ocean Race's first Middle Eastern stopover.

Abu Dhabi, skippered by Ian Walker, produced a faultless performance along the eight nautical mile course to win in a time of 57 minutes 51 seconds ahead of Groupama sailing team in second and CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand in third.

Walker, twice an Olympic silver medallist for Britain, was joined on board by HRH Prince Andrew and Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan for what was a second victory in three in-port races following their success in Alicante.

The enduring image of that victory in Spain was of a jubilant Adil Khalid, the first Emirati sailor to take part in the race, and the 23-year-old Abu Dhabi crewman was at the heart of the action again as waved a giant United Arab Emirates flag to the home crowd before being launched into the water by his team mates.

PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG were fourth and Team Telefónica, the overall race leaders, came in fifth.

Walker said victory made up for the disappointment of arriving into Abu Dhabi at the end of Leg 2 in fifth place.

“We so wanted to win the race so we were prepared to take risks,” said Walker, whose team picked up a maximum six points for their victory against the spectacular Abu Dhabi cityscape. “We knew if we could win it would be very special for everyone.

“We’re involved in a nine-month odyssey around the world but today is the most important day for Abu Dhabi. We have never seen this many boats out on the water to watch racing, and there are lots of people out who are new to sailing. Right now all they are seeing is their country flag being waved. It’s a real thrill for that to happen.”

Franck Cammas’ Groupama sailing team, winners of the Leg 2 second stage sprint into Abu Dhabi, took five points for second place. Chris Nicholson’s CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand took the final podium position and four points, their fifth podium finish of the race so far.

"I'm very pleased with the result but the thing I'm most pleased with is all the work of the team, which is something we set out to improve over the Abu Dhabi stopover," Cammas said.

“In this race things can turn around really quickly,” added Nicholson. “It's on a real knife edge. It only takes one bad result and that changes everything. We feel like we're nicely in the middle and we're poised to get it right. I can't wait until that moment.”

A light southerly breeze of around seven knots greeted the teams as they took to the racetrack in the waters off the Abu Dhabi Destination Village.

In an unusual downwind start, PUMA led off the line but their dreams of a win were all but ended shortly after the start when Ken Read’s team had to take a penalty turn for an infringement involving Team Telefónica.

Abu Dhabi snuck round the first mark ahead, chased by Groupama. The two teams exchanged the lead on the way to the second mark before Abu Dhabi emerged in front. Nothing was going to tear victory from Ian Walker’s hands as he and his crew sailed a perfect race, winning by 57 seconds.

“People will ask whether this win will restore our confidence but we never lost confidence,” Walker added. “We feel we’re only just getting started in this race. Sometimes it’s your day, sometimes it isn’t. The main thing is to enjoy the moment.”

Despite today’s results, the overall leaderboard remains unchanged although CAMPER are now within six points of overall leaders Telefónica.

Saturday sees the start of Leg 3 from Abu Dhabi to Sanya in the Chinese province of Hainan. As with Leg 2 of the race, Leg 3 will be split into two parts to prevent the boats from sailing through dangerous waters off the coast of Africa. Early forecasts are tipping fresh north-west winds of 13 to 16 knots inshore, building to 18 to 22 knots offshore.

Leg 3 Stage 1 starts at 1400 local time (1000 GMT) with the boats racing a short sprint to the northern United Arab Emirates before being loaded onto a ship and transported to a safe haven port in the Indian Ocean. Once the boats are unloaded, racing will resume to Sanya.

1. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing – 57 minutes 51 seconds – 6 points
2. Groupama sailing team -- 58:48 – 5pts
3. CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand – 60:47 – 4pts
4. PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG – 62:22 – 3pts
5. Team Telefónica – 62:47 – 2pts

Overall standings:
1. Team Telefónica 68 points
2. CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand 62
3. Groupama sailing team 47
4. PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG 31
5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 25
6. Team Sanya 4*

* If Team Sanya complete Leg 2 Stage 1 under racing conditions they will receive four points for that stage, plus 1 point for Leg 2 Stage 2, and 2 points for the Etihad Airways In-Port Race.
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ALICANTE, SPAIN – Innovative technology from Ericsson, official supplier of next generation IP Networks for the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, is giving fans of sailing’s premier event unprecedented HD-quality video of the thrilling action on huge screens at the event’s race villages.

Tens of thousands in Spain, Cape Town and now Abu Dhabi have already enjoyed the fantastic service that brings the crowds closer to the dramatic action out at sea as well as offering high-speed mobile internet to visitors.

The technology will also be enriching the race village experience at forthcoming stopovers in Sanya (China), Auckland (New Zealand), Itajai (Brazil), Miami (United States), Lisbon (Portugal), Lorient (France) and Galway (Ireland).

"Ericsson is a long-time supporter of the 38-year-old Volvo Ocean Race and has also underlined its backing by unveiling a major new prize, the Ericsson Trophy for the best yacht design, which will be awarded to the design team at the finish in Galway in July."

Knut Frostad, CEO of the Volvo Ocean Race, said: “Our strategy is to get our content closer to our broadening fan base and this wonderful Ericsson technology helps us do just that. During the last race, we and Ericsson started geo-tagging multimedia content long before anyone else did that. These days others have followed our example and it has become standard. Now it’s about what you can do in a race village and we and Ericsson are leading the way again.

“We are working with Ericsson to make sure the network in village is fast and efficient so we can spread information from race to shore, to big screens, to mobile handsets, and to online for those who are not in the race village. During our first three stopovers fans have told us how much they love the video on the screens,” he added.

Ericsson is providing the MINI-LINK PT microwave solution and service for the nine-month duration of the race which started in October last year. MINI-LINK PT is a compact, high-capacity microwave solution with zero footprint and easy installation. It is highly flexible and can be used across water for boat-to-shore connectivity. It puts high-definition connectivity where it needs it to be, quickly and flexibly.

While Ericsson is providing the equipment and service, the race IT supplier Volvo IT is performing the installations at the 10 stopover cities.

Ericsson has a proud record of success in the Volvo Ocean Race. Ericsson 4 won the round-the-world contest in 2008-09. The company no longer sponsors boats in the race but it continues the relationship with Volvo with this technology solution as well as by founding the Ericsson Trophy.

Helena Norrman, Head of Communications for Ericsson, said: “Volvo Ocean Race is a world class sporting event that engages the most skilled and innovative designers, builders, engineers, and sailors. Though we are no longer a contestant in the race, our company aims to be at the forefront of innovation across the globe every day so it makes sense to recognize innovation in a challenge that takes people literally around the world in vessels which are at the cutting edge of sailing design and technology.”
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its fake!
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New Yahoo! Sports Survey Reveals the Inappropriate Places Male Fans Check Scores: 25% in the Bathroom and 4% at a Funeral

It seems there’s nowhere men won’t check the score of an NFL game. According to a survey released today by Yahoo! Sports, the No. 1 sports destination on the Internet, more men check NFL scores than women (82% vs. 65%), and are more likely to check scores at some improper locations. The survey of 1,500 U.S. adults ages 18 to 64 indicates that 25% of male fans have checked a score while using the bathroom, and 4% have even looked at scores during a funeral. Other out-of-line locations where men have checked NFL game scores include:

In a class (22%)
On a date (18%)
At a wedding (12%)
At a child’s school event (12%)
At a church service (8%)

Other key findings include:

Willing to Pay Big Bucks?
Tickets to this year’s Super Bowl are selling for prices ranging from $2,500 to over $14,000, but the football fans surveyed would only be willing to spend $407 on average to see their favorite team play in the game. Men in general are willing to shell out more money for a ticket ($480), but young men are willing to pay the most ($606).

America’s Game?
With patriotism high as we start a presidential election year, a majority of Super Bowl watchers (65%) agree that an international city should not host the game. Older adults are the most adamant about the Super Bowl remaining in the U.S., with 69% of men and 70% of women over 35 agreeing.

Game or Commercials: Men vs. Women
When it comes to why viewers tune into the Super Bowl, the majority of men (67%) say the game is their favorite aspect, while most women (58%) rank watching the commercials as their favorite part of the event.

After the game is over, women (and men) can visit the Big Game Ad Network on Yahoo! Screen, Yahoo!’s newly launched video destination, to re-watch their favorite commercials and catch ones they missed.

Fan Favorite
75% of fans have a favorite player, and this player is typically selected based on his on-field performance (41%), followed by the team he plays for (33%). 13% of female football fans and 5% of male fans admit to choosing their favorite player based on looks.

Tom Brady’s Eyes
16% of fans know the color of Tom Brady’s eyes: blue. Young men and women are more aware of Tom’s eye color than older fans, and 35% of fans don’t care.

"I was on fire during the 2011 season, predicting the correct outcomes of most NFL games, so I can confidently make a prediction about the Super Bowl," said Yahoo! Sports NFL Columnist Michael Silver. "This year's game will bring an exciting end to a compelling NFL season, with a hard-fought clash on the field and plenty of celebration off of it--and fans can find the BEST Super Bowl XLVI coverage on Yahoo! Sports."

For an insider’s look into the week before the game, this year Yahoo! Sports Radio will stream its shows live from the Super Bowl media center Wednesday through Friday from 1-7 pm ET, giving fans video access to lots of interviews with the hottest athletes and celebrities in Indianapolis on the NFL home page on Yahoo! Sports (

About the survey:

Yahoo! partnered with Ipsos OTX MediaCT to conduct the Yahoo! Sports survey in October 2011. We interviewed n=1,500 Americans, ages 18 to 64, representative of the U.S. online population via an online quantitative survey.
Comprehensive National Football League news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more
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Sharing sites starting to be very cautious in wake of MegaUpload arrests
Breaking News originally shared:
FileSonic disables file sharing in wake of MegaUpload arrests
Surrey, Great Britain

Mon Jan 23, 12:55 a.m. GMT: +CNET reports that, following the MegaUpload shutdown and indictments last week, FileSonic, one of the Internet's most popular file-sharing services, has disabled its sharing functionality.

The service can "only be used to upload and retrieve files you have uploaded personally," according to a note posted on the site's home page.

FileSonic also suspended its affiliates rewards program, which paid users when people downloaded their files.
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January 21, 2012 - 1215 UTC

The six-strong Volvo Ocean Race fleet will resume racing from the Maldives on Sunday at 0800 UTC after the five boats being shipped through piracy affected waters in the Indian Ocean safely reconvened with the waiting Team Sanya.

The identity of the ‘safe haven’ was left undisclosed for security reasons until Saturday at 0600 UTC when the ship carrying the five yachts reached the Maldives. The boats were subsequently unloaded and all should be ready for Sunday’s restart from Malé, the Maldivian capital.

“We've got ourselves a Master's degree in improvising, and loading and unloading yachts onto ships,” said Iker Martínez, skipper of overall race leaders Team Telefónica.

“Now we can focus on getting back to sailing and being back on the boat together to fight for the race which is why we are all here.”

The second stage of Leg 3 will see the teams sail just over 3,000 nautical miles from a position close to the port of Malé to Sanya in China. Eighty percent of the points for Leg 3 remain up for grabs, after the Stage 2 sprint from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah delivered the other 20 percent to all the teams except for Sanya, who will score full points for this stage.

After Saturday’s arrival, shore crews and sailing teams launched a cautious unloading procedure that saw all the boats safely returned to the water.

PUMA Ocean Racing Powered by BERG’s Mar Mostro were the first to see their boat lifted off, followed by Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Telefónica, CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand and finally Groupama sailing team.

Race organisers took the unprecedented step of splitting legs two and three into two as part of a raft of anti-piracy measures. Five boats were transported by ship to Sharjah for the second stage of Leg 2 into Abu Dhabi and out again following the first stage of Leg 3. Only Sanya failed to make the ship after developing a problem with their rigging on stage 1 of Leg 2.

While the boats are in the Maldives, the sailing crew are the only members of each team permitted to carry out repairs ahead of the start of racing. It is the first time in more than a month that the complete Volvo Ocean Race fleet has lined up to compete.

With just seven points separating overall leaders Team Telefónica, on 71, and CAMPER, on 64, competition is set to be heated. Groupama lie in third with 51, PUMA fourth with 36, Abu Dhabi 31 and Sanya, 11.

The 3,000 nautical mile racecourse is described as a navigator’s nightmare, with monsoon winds in the Indian Ocean, container ship dodging in the Malacca Strait and long stretches of upwind sailing through rough seas in the South China sea.

Sanya skipper Mike Sanderson said he had a great feeling about rejoining the fleet and racing to his team’s homeport.

“I don't think I have ever been so amped up to get back out and go racing,’’ he said. “We owe it to everyone, and ourselves to go and have a decent leg and get this show back on the right track.

“The boat is great and the team is one of the most wonderful group that I have been involved with, I really can't say enough good things about them. Through thick and thin they have just dug it in and done what needs to be done and some.

“I am sure we will have a nice leg and gain some momentum from there, so all the efforts can finally reap some rewards.”

Groupama 4 skipper Franck Cammas said his team had been reviewing all of the available weather data and they were now feeling prepared.

“We expect upwind conditions, wind on the nose, for most the time,’’ he said. “Not a lot of wind, so not necessarily the best conditions for Groupama, but we will see.

“I think all the boats have been specially optimised for this leg, with the right sails and right weight on board to be fast in these conditions. We have also done that.

“It’s not exactly the best leg for us, statistically speaking, as it’s not a leg where the boats are going to go very quickly. But we will see, it will be a very good exercise.”

As Sanya were unable to race the first stage of Leg 3, they will score full points for Leg 3 – 30 points for 1st place, 25 for 2nd, 20 for 3rd, 15 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 5 for 6th. The other teams will score points on the following scale – 24 points for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 16 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, 8 for 5th, 4 for 6th.
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January 8, 2012 - 1300 CET

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Top sailors from the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 competed in a traditional dhow race this weekend during the Abu Dhabi port stopover on a glorious sunny day in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Over 70 teams were on-hand for the Abu Dhabi Sailing Festival Race, which featured a 16-nautical mile race into Abu Dhabi and a $1 million prize pot overall across the race fleet.

The race was part of the Abu Dhabi 60ft Dhow Race Sailing Series held regularly throughout the year. Dhows are traditional multi-sail boats with lateen, or latin-rig, sails popular in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and other areas in the Indian Ocean.

PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG sailors, Tom Addis and Amory Ross, got their first experience of dhow racing when they joined the winning crew of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum’s race favourite, Alzeer, which was skippered by Mohamed Rashed Shaheen Al Marar.

"Having the Puma team on board was very interesting, they fitted right in,” said Al Marar. "Although, talking to them, I wouldn’t want to do the Volvo Ocean Race, that sounds very tough."

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing also featured a several sailors on-board a dhow including skipper Ian Walker. Other top Volvo Ocean Race sailors taking part included Chris Nicholson (CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand), Jean-Luc Nélias (Groupama sailing team) and Joca Signorini (Telefónica).

The race started around 12 nautical miles north west of the city where a fleet of 75 of the sixty-foot dhows began to congregate from mid-morning. Just after 1400 local time, the fleet anchored along a start line stretching over a kilometre and a half.

Soon after, a starting gun was fired and the dhow crews cast off the anchor lines, quickly hoisted their balloon-like sails, and the fleet set off en mass towards Abu Dhabi.

The Alzeer crew started perfectly and established an early lead which they never relinquished. PUMA’s Addis looked totally at home on the racing dhow as he scanned the horizon for wind and moved his weight with the rest of the crew to balance the boat. As the Alzeer closed on the finish the crew began to celebrate and Addis was given the honour of steering across the line in first place.

Meanwhile, Groupama sailing team navigator, Jean-Luc Nélias helped Abdullah Juma Al Marzouqi’s dhow Zelzal into third place in the race. Speaking shortly after arriving ashore Addis said he and Ross had enjoyed their first experience of dhow racing but joked they had not contributed greatly to the victory.
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