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Lucie Le Blanc
Not your usual kind of girl... At 6'2 how could I be ? I have the heart of a lady in the body of a wrestler...
Not your usual kind of girl... At 6'2 how could I be ? I have the heart of a lady in the body of a wrestler...

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I like the way this guy explains RA. People usually think I'm making excuses when I try to explain its effects on one's life.

How is Rheumatoid Arthritis caused? by Peri Dwyer

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I am new to Quora. I had heard of it, of course, but failed to understand what it was about. I don't know how long I'll enjoy it, but here's my answer to this question: "I really want to move to Quebec. Besides French, what else I will need to prepare (sic)?"

From my experience with american food and from a visiting French friend, prepare for a culture shock food-wise. We use way less salt than americans but way more sugar than the French.

Traditionally, because of the cold weather and harsh living conditions, we used to eat very rich foods: stews and casseroles, lots of meat (especially pork), meat pies, very rich desserts like the sugar pie and “pouding chômeur”, etc. Italian food is also a great favorite. Modern living changed that need for high-calorie meals, but you’ll still see plenty of that influence in our menus.

When I was a teen, around 40 years ago, the Quebec population was mostly white and catholic. The immigration waves of the last decades brought to us a more diverse alimentation and also opened our minds to other cultures.

Religion has become a very private subject, proper only in homes and cult places. Public schools and public offices are, by law, neutral zones and it is highly frowned upon to demand special treatment based on religion, even the catholic one. Agnosticism and atheism are becoming, more and more, the standard in the “local” population.

Marriage is also pretty much dying away. Don’t expect couples living together to be married or both of them to be the biological parents of the kids living with them. Nobody will think it weird or impolite if you ask about their relationship status. Reconstructed families are a normal occurence and, even married, women don’t change their maiden name for their husband’s name (it’s a genealogical nightmare but the law since the 80s). So, the polite way to address adult women is always “madame”, regardless of their marital status. Hence, a woman or man without a wedding ring is not a sign the person is free.

Quebec is a wonderful place to live in. It’s not perfect, we’re still growing up, but it’s as close to true freedom as you can get.

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Edited by yours truly. ;)

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That one's fun too. ;)

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I watch this from time to time. Gives me a kick in the pants everytime. ;)

Big month for the big lady:

-Been officially declared invalid and retired. With all the perks.
-Sold my car. Good riddance.
-Mastered online shopping on a whole new level.
-Applied for disabled transportation services.
-Used public transports to go to appointments.
-Rediscovered that public transport in Quebec City totally rocks.
-Scrapped my netbook, repurposed hard drive into backup device for PC.
-Getting a smartphone. Finally.
-Am going to annoy friends about which Android apps to get. Especially +Nobilis Reed and +Evo Terra :)

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I'm in love. The voice, the look, the intensity,... Where was that guy when I was younger?

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My sweet boy Bibi went into brumation, the deep sleep before mating season. He took all the sand from one side of his cave and brought it to the warmest side of it. Looks cozy, but I'm already missing napping with him and taking him everywhere I go... There's no saying how long it's going to take him to wake up
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