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S2 :- I have to be honest , put my hand up and say that I am not a fan at all of the processing technique where a shot is turned into a black and white image but a patch of colour is selected to remain. It always looks very amateur to me, as if someone's still at art college and struggling to be arty and different whilst thinking they're very clever.  It is a personal thing and I'm sure many photogra[hers out there love doing that to their images and I am sure that just as many are out there and love looking at those images but it's not for me. This image looks like one of those images but I can assure you it's not. This is in fact a full colour image which was shot down on the undercliff walk at Saltdean which is just to the East of Brighton on the South Coast. The 'greenery' at the bottom is dusty and rather dull. The stonework is old and chalk stained in places. Only the lifebelt cover provides the splash of colour in an otherwise drab and colourless world.

Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

+ColorsOnFriday curated by +Karsten Meyer +Britta Rogge #ColorsOnFriday +FeelGoodFriday curated by +Rebecca Borg +Jason Borg #FeelGoodFriday #ukpcphoto (South East)
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Wild Flora

Can someone ID this flora for me? Just found it while on a walk with my daughter.

It's Friday again! Woohoo! #TGIF  guys! Have a great weekend! ;)

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#floralfriday  +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson +Eustace James 
#colorsonfriday  +ColorsOnFriday by +Britta Rogge +Karsten Meyer 
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#take2seconds  +Take2seconds by +Trever McGhee 
#feelgoodfriday  +FeelGoodFriday by +Rebecca Borg +Jason Borg 
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#phonetography  +PHONETOGRAPHY by +Steven Spence +Steve Coles +Shannon Brearley 

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Museum of Fairground art, Paris

Today, we’ve spent the afternoon in the Museum of Fairground art of Paris.
It’s an incredible and magic site full of attractions and games that have been restored to their original state.
For 30 years now, the owner of the museum, Jean Paul Favand has been gathering and restoring his collection of fairground works of art.
This unique collection become a playground in which adults and children can discover the different aspects of travelling fairs and how they once enabled people to live out their dreams.
Today this collection is probably one of the most extensive in its category.

FOR +ColorsOnFriday #colorsonfriday by +Britta Rogge and +Karsten Meyer
+FeelGoodFriday #feelgoodfriday by +Jason Borg and +Rebecca Borg
+ColorMe Weekly #colormeweekly by +Rosie Nixon
+Photo Journal Worldwide #photojournalworldwide by +andi rivarola
+European Photo #EuropeanPhotography  +European Photo 
+Janusz Brakoniecki +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +
114491493858756989707 +Susanne Ramharter +Ela Kupiec  +Ugo Cei
+HQSP Non-Nature Photos #hqspnonnaturephotos by +Rhea Surgimath and +Michael Sonntag
+Promote Photography #promotephotography
+Belles photos #bellesphotos by +Claudya Bonnet and +Jean-Louis LAURENCE
+10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS #10000photographersaroundtheworld
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Today in Mexico is Mother's Day, so Happy day to all mothers in the world!

Hoy en México es Día de las madres, entonces ¡Feliz día a todas las madres del mundo!
Mi respeto, apoyo y admiración a todas esas madres que han perdido a sus hijos y luchan por encontrarlos y que se haga justicia, a todas esas madres mexicanas que no se rinden, a las madres de Juárez, a las madres de la guarderia ABC, a todas esas que han sido víctimas de los daños colaterales de una estúpida guerra aquí en Mé igual que a todas aquellas que luchan en el mundo, gracias por seguirnos enseñado a luchar y que con su ejemplo nos motivan....

"Madre, cuando sea grande,
¡ay..., qué mozo el que tendrás!
Te levantaré en mis brazos,
como el zonda al herbazal.

O te acostaré en las parvas
o te cargaré hasta el mar
o te subiré las cuestas
o te dejaré al umbral.

¿Y qué casal ha de hacerte
tu niñito, tu titán,
y qué sombra tan amante
sus aleros van a dar?

Yo te regaré una huerta
y tu falda he de cansar
con las frutas y las frutas
que son mil y que son más.

O mejor te haré tapices
con la juncia de trenzar;
o mejor tendré un molino
que te hable haciendo el pan.

Cuenta, cuenta las ventanas
y las puertas del casal;
cuenta, cuenta maravillas
si las puedes tú contar..."

-Gabriela Mistral. "Obrerito"

#10000photographers   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS by +Robert SKREINER  +Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY 
#macro4all  +Macro4All +Walter Soestbergen 
#pixelworld  +PixelWorld buy +Alberto Carreras  
#paintography    Curators +Carol Small   +Gail Beerman   +Sherry McBriar  +Ray Bilcliff  +Paintography 
#colorsonfriday    +ColorsOnFriday   +Britta Rogge  and +Karsten Meyer  
#feelgoodfriday    by +Rebecca Borg  and +Jason Borg  +FeelGoodFriday 
#flowerfriday    by +Angie Davila  +FlowerFriday  
#colormeweekly    by +Rosie Nixon  +ColorMe Weekly 
#gplusflora   by +Lynn Harrison   
+//flower colors// 
#floralfriday   by +Tamara Pruessner  +FloralFriday 
#hqspflowers   by +Carina Marsh  +Larry Henley  +Werner Polwein  and +Anja Wessels   +HQSP Flowers 
+Take2seconds  +Trever McGhee   +2sendAsmile  +2Help Save Lives   <3
#allthingsred    by +Lucille Galleli  and +Stephen Thackeray +AllThingsRed 
#everythingred   by +Carra Riley  and +Donna St. Pierre  +Everything Red  
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The Font +Pub Friday curated by +Mara Acoma +Mark Hall +Alan Gurling +Nigel Smith #PubFriday +ColorsOnFriday curated by +Karsten Meyer +Britta Rogge #ColorsOnFriday +FeelGoodFriday curated by +Rebecca Borg +Jason Borg #FeelGoodFriday :- This is the interior and bar of The Font (formerly known as The Font & Firkin). The building itself has an interesting history as it was once a 17th century Nonconformist and Union Chapel. On it's outside wall there is still a memorial tablet dedicated to the memory of a preacher named Henry Varley. On this particular day I happened to walk past and noticed the bar was empty of customers and went in to ask if I could take a few shots of the interior. The bar staff very l kindly said I could and also said they'd hide around the corner (in the kitchen) so they would not get in my way or photobomb me. The pub and bar is located in Union Street in Brighton's famous South Lanes.

Photography by Justin Hill ©
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+FeelGoodFriday Thank you for the share!
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I really enjoyed my time out here yesterday. It's so relaxing to listen to Robins and Meadow Larks and to watch the clouds change color with the setting of the sun.

#Paintography curated by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar and +Gail Beerman +PaintIt Club  curated by  +Richard Mabb +Celso Carvalho +Clare Bambers +Dana Lynn Moyer #PaintItClub +PixelWorld  curated by +Celso Carvalho +Clare Bambers +Rick Leaf +k phelps +Richard Mabb +Carol Small +Astrid Bartels +Milena Ilieva +Stefan Kierek and +Elin Vaeth   #pixelworld  +FeelGoodFriday  curated by  +Rebecca Borg +Jason Borg #FeelGoodFriday and +Four Seasons Friday  curated by  +Stephonie Schmitz #FourSeasonsFriday  
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Your feel good pictures with a short story about why the photos are special to you.
Feel Good Friday is a photography based theme and is curated by +Rebecca Borg and +Jason Borg

Feel Good Friday is as much about the story behind the photo as it is about the photo itself. 

When you post something to #FeelGoodFriday be sure to explain what is special about the photo, like where it was taken, who is in it, or just that it is a picture of one of your favorite things. Feel Good Friday

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