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At work we discuss many important things. Today we were discussing how it isn't the fall that kills you, its the landing. That lead to a discussion on how when Iron Man saves someone by flying up and catching them, it would probably be higher impact than actually hitting the ground.

One of my co-workers observed the following:

Speed of Iron man: Unknown ( but can be hypothesized)
He flew from Miami to Afghanistan and back @ about 5 hours each way: about Mach 2 or 1522.4141 mph
He is seen out-running Jet fighters which would support the idea that his speeds can reach Mach2 or greater
Human Terminal Velocity in mph = 120
Mach 1.2-5 = SuperSonic
So compound impact    
@ Mach 1.2        = 1035mph
@ Mach 2            = 1642.4141mph (@Hypothesized speed)
@ Mach 5            = 3926mph
Tony Stark weighs 225lbs his new suit is 25lbs so total weight is about 250lbs
The only information I can find pertaining to flights speeds and weight is regarding lift, and I don’t think that applies to iron mans lack airfoils. Since he can hover in place im going to assume his slowest flight speed is 0mph.  So he could technically stay stationary below the falling target, he could even fly behind them to catch them, essentially reducing the force of their fall.
HOWEVER, we talking bout him snatching people out the air.
I just want to throw out a couple object travel speeds for comparison.
A paintball (.68 calibler surface area with mass much less than iron man) travels at 300fps or 204 mph and will break the skin/bruise.
A cannonball travels under 1000mph because a cannonball does not break the speed of sound, it has less mass than Iron man…. But definitely has the ability to dismember an individual. 
I would surmise that the surface area of iron mans arms while catching a target is greater than that of a cannonballs point of impact. 
Cannon ball speeds 100-200m/s  so about 223mph – 447mph
We know that The surface area of Iron Mans crooked arms is less than that of a cannonball, but probably not by much.
We know that he is probably traveling about 4-8x the speed of a cannonball. This increase in speed probably negates the extra surface area.
Iron man would rip the shit out of someone if he caught them while they were falling.

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Let's set a string to null if it is empty
We stumbled across this gem. I wish I could understand why you would want to do this.  /// <summary> /// If a string is 0 length, set it to null.   /// Returns true if the string is /// NOT null, false otherwise. /// </summary> public static bool SetStringN...

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A new beginning
A co-worker of mine has been sharing code that we thought smelled so bad, the only way to escape the smell was to show it to the world. After all misery loves company. This blog is a kind of therapy, class names have been changed to protect the innocent. (H...

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And robopocalypse continues to show signs of beginning
The next time you think that the resistance could beat the Terminators, consider that the robots can already beat us 100% of the time at rock-paper-scissors. 

Thanks again to +Esther Schindler for bringing this bit of weird neatness to my attention. 

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New version of Quest onDemand Migration for Email --- now includes GroupWise as a source SaaS migration, move to your new Office 365/Live@Edu mail system without installing software on-premises

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Adam wrote this a while ago, but I just found it! Nice write up with some really good tips

Google finally allows Google Apps accounts to be on Google+ (I'm still wondering if I will use Google+) I don't use FB either, but I do have an account. Suffering from too many streams of information and nothing to say.
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