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Be delightful online.
Be delightful online.


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It's time everyone knew: I'm a hot mess at running my own business.

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When I started doing graphic + web design work full-time as a freelancer, it never occurred to me that there was such a thing as “client regret.”

Avoid bad clients? Nah. There’s no such thing, right?!

Money, after all, is money.

Actually, not so fast...
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Want to know how to make your emails, tweets, and other responses to clients or customers quicker + easier? Want 12 perfect, ready-to-use scripts? If so, read on...
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I wanted you to be able to create a #heroic  online client + customer service plan for your small business, so I made this workbook. It's packed with 64 pages of in-depth questionnaires, checklists, guides, real-life examples, cheat-sheets, and other goodies to improve your service savvy. :)
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You’ve figured it out by now.
If you want to be successful (read: get followers + make money to pay your bills) in business online, it’s not enough to simply have a website.
It’s not enough to simply put up some services or products.
It’s not enough to simply post on some social media accounts.
You can have ALL those things…and still barely get noticed.
And while you no doubt get that, it’s still frustrating. That’s because while you know that it does take more, chances are that you’re simply not sure what that “more” is.
Does it take gobs of money?
Friends in high places?
A whiz partner helping in the background?!
Or maybe $20,000 worth of e-courses + masterminds?!?!
Let’s all take a collective cleansing breath, because I’m happy to tell you that NO: it does not require a single one of the above.

What does it take? Read on, my heroes.

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When you think of a #HeroicBrand in your life and the blog they keep — the blog that helps you genuinely improve your business, or your blog, or your fitness, or your cooking, or your hobbies, or anything else that’s important to you —  what comes to mind?
What is it about it that makes it so darn valuable?
Why do you follow it, refer to it, and tell your friends about it… over and above most of the other blogs out there?
There’s no doubt that a good blog includes many things: a blogger who is dedicated to being responsive, kind, and helpful, an attractive + distinct “voice,” eye-catching photos + graphics, clean design, and so on. Those all are sure to make your list.
But a terrific blog — a blog that stands out from the crowd and earns an ever-growing + loyal audience — has another unique quality all its own:
It provides specific, in-depth, remarkable content that people can use to immediately accomplish goals or fix problems in their life.
In short, it’s not just a pretty place, a warm fuzzies place, or a mildly interesting place.
It’s a worthwhile place. It serves people.
That’s why you + a throng of others keep coming back to it, right? It’s not just a narcissistic, “look at what I’m eating for dinner!” project on the part of the blogger…it’s a project that seeks to help.
To inform.
To contribute to others’ lives.
Assuming you want to have such a place for your brand (and let’s be honest — we all do), let’s learn how to carry this out for YOUR blog right now.

#bloggingtips   #bloggingforbusiness   #writingadvice  
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The best way I know how to share what I’m about to share with you about building a business on the interwebs is to start off with a little story-slash-confession. I promise, pinkie-swear, and cross my heart not to be boring.
Before I launched the Olyvia brand, I spent my time reading.
By my estimations, I read about 157 gazillion articles on business marketing strategies on a daily freaking basis in the months leading up to my website going live.
You see, even though I had experience in growing communities online — launching + promoting around a half dozen blogs over the previous 10 years, advising non-profits on social media marketing, informally assisting my friends who owned small businesses, and other rather unremarkable things — the truth is this:
I was certain that anything I knew would prove to be woefully, shamefully inadequate. Oh yeah: and I would fail.
In my mind there simply had to be the Holy Grail of marketing strategies out there that would guarantee my entrance into biz blogging heaven… I just needed to find it behind some internet guru’s squeeze page.
(Don’t even ask how many newsletters I signed up for in my quest for marketing enlightenment. #likewhoa)
But sales pitch after sales pitch, errr, I mean webinar after webinar, all I found at the end of the rainbow were $2000 courses I couldn’t afford — and didn’t trust enough to buy even if I could.
So, alas, the day came when I finally could do nothing more than push into being. I hoped (and ohhh it was a desperate hope, I might add) that what I knew from my past online experiences — in point of fact, what I had built my entire brand around — would be enough to get me started.
What was my so-called strategy?
Only this:

(click the link to read the rest of the post ->)

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Today Only

Enter to win a FREE copy of my 21 Day Brand Detox eBook + a Social Media Strategy Planner + Brand Identity Board template on +Marianne Manthey's Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog. 

You can also win +Margo Snyder's fabulous Social Media ecourse, so seriously -- go enter! 
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Let’s say you’ve never released a product online and you’re terrified. You’re terrified because not only are you scared to pull off a “big launch,” the truth is…#letsbehonest, you don’t even know HOW.
Webinars? Sales emails? Instagram parties? Excuse me, but oh. my. gosh. and WTH…
Or, maybe you have launched big before. (In which case I say, you are amazing!) But your hands are full and you’re looking for a different, simple way to monetize your blog — something that’s low key, straightforward, and that will continue to bring in consistent passive income without any uncomfortable promotion OR continual sales-y fanfare on your part.
Whichever camp you fall into, this blog post is for you.
Today I’m teaching you all about The Ick-Free Upgrade technique, a monetization strategy for your blog or business that:
1. Does not require a big email list. (In fact, you don’t need an email list at all to start doing this and be successful, AND it’s going to help you build one at the same time — #winning.)
2. Is extremely affordable to set up. (All that’s required financially is a mass email marketing provider [I use Mailchimp] that allows you to set up a simple automated email sequence. To do this in Mailchimp you need to use their upgraded version, which costs as little as $10/mo depending on how many subscribers you have. With ~ 1-3 sales of your product you’ll recoup the cost.)
3. Demands exactly 0 promo efforts by you other than the normal promotion you would do for a blog post or email opt-in gift. (In other words, you decide how much and in what way you make people aware of it — there’s no pressure to be a pushy saleswoman or bubbly ball of experienced, entrepreneurial epicness. This means it’s very, very introvert-friendly AND perfect for beginners.)
Last month I made an extra $120 in no-hassle passive income by doing exactly what I’m about to teach you below. Here’s how:

#passiveincome   #makemoneyonline   #bloggingtips   #entrepreneurship  
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If you have Too Many Open Browser Tabs Syndrome you’re not going to like me for this post (as a fellow sufferer I know the struggle is real, so I hope you can forgive me) — but I promise, there is so much insane usefulness here if you want to:
- start blogging (for hobby or biz)
- improve the blog/website you already have
- start or grow your email list
- use social media like a #boss
- become the overall smartest online business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, infopreneur, etc.
So, despite the fact you’re going to have 91+ tabs open to check out all the stellarness (just made that word up, thanks), what I’m saying is this: you’re going to be grateful you did, my good friend.


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