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Michael Barnes

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Meow it's time to get down to business. 

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Specialty Lamp Repair Tools
Beyond the usual pliers, screwdrivers, electrical tape, voltage meter, and spare lamp parts. There are a few special tools in my tool chest: various sized clamps and wire stripper. The locking clamps are handy and inexpensive. When you need to get in a tigh...

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Touch Lamp with a Bad Touch Switch
This patient was brought in and described as having a faulty touch switch. We see a lot of touch lamps in the shop and the switches are known to go out and need to be replaced. This lamp was a little odd to have a switch on the socket as well as the touch s...

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Tighten Table Lamp Body
A patient came in the other day and was really wobbly. Not just loose the poor thing was constantly leaning in one direction. The cause of the problem was obvious: a plastic neck on the top of the lamp, just below the harp base, was broken and cracked. Like...
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