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We've almost got +Roger Ebert to 4k circles!

The Roger and Me experiment is succeeding!

Here's the concept: In order to dragoon +Roger Ebert into the Google+ family of active posters, +Euro Maestro invented an ingenius incentive: People you share with who circle Roger will also circle you. So your participation is rewarded with being circled by a lot of people.

Here's how to do it:

1. Click "Add circle" below and name the circle "Roger and Me."

2. Go to your circles, select this circle and add yourself.

3. Share the circle with your friends, along with this explanation.

The idea is that each person who gets it participates by doing the same. Everyone who joins in gets circled by more people, and +Roger Ebert gets into a gazillion circles.

Let's get +Roger Ebert posting on Google+!
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