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Step right up, folks! Weigh in on which nursery scheme we should go with, on the blog today. :-)

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Nursery Inspiration
We live in this tiny little sphere of the universe called Limbo. It's a slightly unsettled, anxious place where the daily norm is that of the unknown. After you live there awhile, you find yourself adjusting to the feelings, and actually find calm in prepar...

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It's pickle time!!! I mean, what's more fun than THAT?

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How can you not smile, at the very least, at the word "pickles?" Seriously. (It also brings me back to the early days of Nick Toons...) Say it three times. Feel good? Awesome. And who doesn't love the taste? My husband. That's who. Regardless, he was enamor...

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Vacation, all I ever wanted...

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Our Summer Vacation - Where and Why
So, it
took us awhile to land on a vacation option that the whole family could
enjoy. We were originally discussing one option, but the more I
researched, the more our minds changed. Today, I'm here to share our
thought process...and, of course, where w...

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First CSA box! Read to hear more about lettuce and lovage...

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St. Patrick's Day Green
I'm an Irish girl. Er. Irish-American. Whatever. But, still, the vast majority of my ancestors? Irish peasants. I'm fascinated and proud of the heritage. That said, I've never used the traditional "Irish" holiday as an excuse to drink. It's an awesome holid...

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Next week's challenge is up! Should be an interesting week. ;-)

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Real Food Challenge - Week #9
For 14 weeks, the family and I are undertaking a  Real Food Challenge  (put
forth by the awesome 100 Days of Real Food blog). I'm hoping to check
in about any struggles and successes along the way each week. Our
ultimate goal is to cut down on our depend...
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