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Enhancing the patient experience and the practice lifestyle
Enhancing the patient experience and the practice lifestyle

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Going back to a tried and true classic :) Plus, the background is a white-out, just like the Minnesota winters at Patterson HQ!

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From Patterson Today: Keys to Successfully Finding and Bringing on an Associate.

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We're so proud of our CEO, Paul Guggenheim, for his involvement supporting organizations that advocate for better oral healthcare to under-served populations.

Keep up the great work Paul!

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How cool is this! Patients can request appointments directly from Google search results with RevenueWell!

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Is CEREC Right for Your Practice?

If you're still on the fence about whether or not your practice could benefit from #CEREC, consider checking out one of our upcoming CERECACCEPT events. Hosted all over the country, we bring in real dentists who use the technology every day and remove the mystery of CAD/CAM.

Check out dates for events in a city near you, here:

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Tips to Maximize Your Practice Equity

You’ve invested plenty of time and money to build your dental practice into a significant asset. Perhaps it’s time to put the equity you’ve accumulated to work for you in order to take advantage of business and growth opportunities.

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Eaglesoft streamlines practice management
Find out how office manager Laura Hatch of Scripps Rock Dental keeps everything running smoothly with the help of #Eaglesoft. #practicemanagement #dentistry #officemanagement

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Dental Hygienist and OSHA Compliance

Changing laws and rules create competing priorities for your valuable patient time, leaving you little time to monitor old MSDS and new SDS. So why not leverage technology to improve compliance? Discover new options in this blog post. #OSHA #compliance #practicemanagement

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Hookah Smoking is Hazardous to Your Health

With the popularity of hookah smoking on the rise, it's important to educate patients on the ways that smoking impacts oral and overall health. This research from the ADA is a great resource for patients. #oralhealth #greatamericansmokeout

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Guardians of Dentistry

Join Fred Joyal and Dr. Mike Ditolla in a city near you to learn how to take your practice to the next level with the power of CAD/CAM.
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