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Have a drawing of Sakura!

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It's Summe-- No, Rainy Season!
Hey there folks! (if there's still anyone keeping up to date with the site at all =_=) Have some drawings! Me  Julius Villanueva's Character, Ella from his comic, Ella Arcangel MY Dungeons and Dragons character, Draid Brewkettle. He's a Drow raised by Halfl...

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Hullo folks! I know, I know, where have we been? Well, as usual, We kinda just start becoming busy with our simple lives earning money or just lazying around and doing whatever and disappear. We apologize. It seems the lack of updates has become a tradition...

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"During your supply run, you and your fellow survivors get cut-off by an oncoming horde of zombies. You end up getting trapped in a building with nothing but the things you scavenged during your run and what could find inside. You managed to radio in for he...

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Just another comic based on what I saw in real life.

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Another strip! Based on true events involving my brothers.

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An old joke I had back when statement shirts were all the rage. The original strip is traditionally drawn and un-inked. This is the digital successor or something. Haha! Sorry, it's in Filipino. Comment if you want me to translate this. xD

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Lettering Comic
I have always been hand-lettering my comics since I became obsessed on improving my hand-writing when I saw an old classmate's notebook with beautiful hand-writing. Also because I was trying to emulate comic lettering. Today, I could say that I have somehow...

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Hazel And Cha Cha
Guess what I just read :P

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Idea Abundance
This is me almost all of the time recently: lots of ideas coming in but so little time for execution. There's also that feeling of not being able to know which one to start because I'd like to do them all hahah
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