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Ardaniel Collier
vfx geek, comics blogger, fairytale of los angeles
vfx geek, comics blogger, fairytale of los angeles

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argle i'll just be here listening to this all afternoon (well ok i also have to let the repairman in and go to yoga, but)

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Travis is working out some numbers on comics pricing for print.
+Howard Tayler posted a link to an article about a survey regarding digital comics.
Which made me wonder about how profitable they really were.
My numbers come from which +Ardaniel Collier, who's way more into the business side of comics then I found for me (and then converted the table into a csv for me. She's pretty freaking awesome.) Also, she says is probably vastly inflated from DC New 52, but hey some numbers are better then no numbers, right?

Ok, so: According to these, the average readership of a comic in the top 300 sold to comic shops is 24236, and the average price sold (unweighted) is 3.47usd.

So, the average print run of an issue takes in 84098.92usd. Not a bad monthly haul.

Lets assume that print dies today, and those numbers from Fleen are the new comics readership, digital only.
So, our average readership drops to 17789, and assuming that they're gonna get their comics fix no matter what, the average monthly haul goes down to 61727.83usd.

But, if they're unwilling to get their fix unless it's a price they're willing to pay, then at :
100% of price (3.47usd): 427 readers, 1481.69usd
80% of price (2.78usd): 1939 readers, 5390.42usd
60% of price (2.09usd) : 7116 readers, 14815.51usd
40% of price (1.39usd): 11421 readers, 15852.34usd
20% of price (0.69usd): 17789 readers, 12345.57usd

So, obviously going down to 20% is stupid, obviously. But, what if they kept printing books, and only those who would never move to digital bought them? Well, that leaves 6447 readers a month. And they're buying at the cover price, so they're spending....22371.09usd a month.

Now yes, the cost of distribution isn't factored in here. Neither is the fact that retail price isn't wholesale price, or the cost difference of digital distribution, or loss of sales without a storefront (I know I've bought things because the nice dude recommended them) But the fact remains that if nobody was willing to buy digital comics at full price was unwilling to buy any comics, it still wouldn't make sense to move totally to digital.

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New-yesterday post at the Department from me, about CASANOVA: AVARITIA #1. Mostly. VFX people may also find something here (keeping in mind that the comic itself is deeply cynical).

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A kids' comic shop? I might faint. Best of luck to Christopher and the rest of the Beguiling crew!
We're opening up a new store. Little Island Comics, around the corner from The Beguiling. A comic book store for kids!

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OK, I dug up the videos (more or less; one Tori, the Lucero song, and one Marian Call song are live versions) and fought with YouTube's playlist creator.

Songs are:

"Vera Flew the Coop," Marian Call
"Shape of My Heart," Sting
"Now I Am an Arsonist," Jonathan Coulton ft. Suzanne Vega
"Vanilla," Marian Call (live version)
"Spark," Tori Amos
"Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine," Tom Morello
"Show Me How To Live," Audioslave
"Hey Jupiter," Tori Amos
"Good Old Girl," Marian Call
"Northwest Passage," Stan Rogers
"Gimme Shelter," Rolling Stones
"No Myth," Michael Penn
"Sweet Chariot," Charlotte Martin
"Mom," Lucero (here, Ben Nichols solo)
"Even Cowgirls Get the Blues," The Gaslight Anthem
"Talula (The Tornado Mix)," Tori Amos
"Caught a Lite Sneeze," Tori Amos
"Save the Hammer for the Man," Tom Morello ft. Ben Harper
"Hard Candy," Counting Crows
"Don't Make Me Come to Vegas," Tori Amos
"Shores of California," Dresden Dolls
"In God's Country," U2
"Behold the Hurricane," The Horrible Crowes

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I have a whole playlist tonight, as soon as I round up videos for the last quarter of it. This is on it.

However, this was sufficiently definition-of-hardcore that I have to post it early and unadorned.

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Also much on my mind of late.

Marian's new double album, Something Fierce, comes out October 1st; you can head over to and preorder it. This song is from Got to Fly, her Firefly/ BSG commissioned album, which you should also get.

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One of you is not fully down with non-"Fighting Trousers" Professor Elemental, but perhaps this will help.

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Totes I only post videos for +Jonathan Montgomery.

Well, OK, this counts as Sad Bastard Pirate Music, too, so, here you go, +Korre Heggem.
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