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Some mean man told me they don't ship Carlsberg to the US anymore. I'm determined to prove it wrong. Searching every beverage center I possibly can.

I don't know why I did it.. but I actually gave one of Michele Bachmann's town hall meetings a listen to. Now I kind of want to kill myself.

Is anyone familiar with this whole "Klout Score"? I'm trying to do a presentation on the stats of it but keep getting dead ends

Thank you laptop, for completely dying when I have 3 assignments due

stupid walking dead:( why did the kid who actually listened get shot?

travel plans almost complete!
11/2-11/5- England
11/5-11/7- Madrid
11/7-11/10- Paris
11/11/11-11/13- Vienna
11/18-11/20- Prague?
11/24-11/27- Amsterdam
and Rome in December! gahh so excited:)

Leaving for Kosovo tomorrow! SO EXCITED!:)

Let's count the number of things I can do besides write this paper! 1. Reddit 2. Reddit 3. Stumbleupon.. that should be enough:)

i love that i actually learned something working at an IT department over the summer. now i can watch netflix in denmark. HAH!

spending the day cooped up in a hotel room on base. to be productive or to reddit all day.. hmm.
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