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If you teach Photoshop, you may be interested in the new promo special that +Pete Collins and  +NAPP created.
Do You Teach Photoshop?
Join or Renew NAPP as an educator and get an exclusive DVD developed just for teachers — NAPP IN CLASS, a resource kit developed by +Pete Collins for teaching +Adobe Photoshop that includes video tutorials, handouts, quizzes, project images and classroom posters. 

Use promo code: NPEDUCATE during checkout. Plus, educators get a $10 discount off their NAPP membership. Enter the promo code and click "Join Now" to see the extra discount at:
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Is anything like this in the works for Lightroom?
Now that is cool, got to get me one these. 
Is there a way to get one of these even if my membership is paid up for the next year?
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