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Scott Kelby and "The Grid" return today!

+Scott Kelby is back from Photoshop World, which means we'll be returning to the studios for another LIVE installment of The Grid. This week, Scott and +RC Concepcion are gonna share a little Tough Love for Photographers... This could get interesting.
I'll be there manning the live blog so place your bets at 4pm EST today on how quickly we can take this show off the rails. ;D I KEED!
Meep! <3
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This could get very interesting!
First the Apple keynote and then the Grid "tough love", Perfect evening for me!
Blah Blah Photoshop world, Blah Blah Tough Love, Blah Blah Nancy's Back...Whoohoo!!  Looking forward to it, hopefully work won't get in the way today.
I guess I should bring some tissues.
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