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Hal Weaver
I was put on this earth to make some art, explore this planet, love my friends and have a few laughs.
I was put on this earth to make some art, explore this planet, love my friends and have a few laughs.

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"A dream of life", A Music Video Collaboration
It has been too long since I worked on a film project, so when my pal, Neil Bruce of "Light B4 Sound" put a call out to film makers to create a music video based on a song from his latest album, "Senescence III" , I jumped at the chance. I've been enjoying ...

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Great weather for the #Orion  drop test today at #NASA  Langley. #HamptonVa  

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Hal Weaver was out hiking. He tracked 5.01 mi in 1h:28m:12s.

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A King Cat Card Carrying Member...
I got some "real" mail today, something other than some junk mail or a bill. I got my official "King Cat Comics Fan Club" card and a thank you note for being a "Patreon" of John Porcellino the artist/writer behind the zine. "King Cat Comics"  was begun back...

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A 12-Mile Journey - 2/6/16
It's been too long since I last posted anything. How many times has a blog post begun with that sentence? It probably numbers in the thousands, maybe even millions. Regardless, I am back. Since my last entry from November, much has happened. The holidays ro...

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Necklace of the Gods... Lo-Fi-Gods that is -- 11/12/15
A friend of mine suggested that my Lo-Fi-Ga miniature woodcarvings would make a cool necklace, so I have created a prototype. What do you think? I've already made a couple of pairs of earrings for my wife, but haven't shown them off yet. This isn't my first...

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A NASA Photo Op One Hundred Years In the Making - 10/31/15
I've been working as a contractor at NASA Langley for ten years, which is exactly one tenth the time that NASA Langley, well Langley airfield has existed. The official anniversary date is July 17, 2017 and according to this article on ,    " On tha...

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It Always Looks Better In Print...
You can find an article on my neo-primitive, miniature woodcarvings in the October issue of VEER Magazine. The piece is called, "Unmasking Small Works of Hal Weaver" and ties in with the "Small Works" Exhibition at the Charles H. Taylor Art Center in Hampto...

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The Black Stallion - 10/23/15
Another day, another strange sighting on the drive home. This time I came upon this weird tri-wheeled vehicle that reminded me of cheesy sci-fi action flicks from the 1980s. I caught the name across the rear, a "Stallion". Apparently the base model is only ...

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Halloween Shotgun - 10/21/15
My intentions were good. I started the year off declaring I'd post an "image-a-day" and after an enthusiastic launch, was quickly overcome by all the usual suspects and then the shame hammer stopped me cold. But today, while driving home from work, I glance...
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