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Joshua Goldberg
"Yes officer, I am a U.S citizen."
"Yes officer, I am a U.S citizen."

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Hello Android Community. I'm in need of a little help. I tried to flash TWRP to my Samsung Rugby Pro using the TWRP Manager app but something went wrong(I'm pretty sure I needed to unlock the bootloader first.) Now the phone is stuck boot looping. I'm pretty sure I can flash a stock image using ODIN but the phone isn't detected by my laptop. Any suggestions?

Hitman Absolution free for PS+. My second copy ;)
(First was on pc)

So I now want to buy BOTH next gen consoles after seeing Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, and Titanfall for the Xbox One and Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadow Fall for the PS4. The problem is, the Sony E3 conference hasn't started and more exclusives are on the way for the PS4. Which console should i buy first this holiday season?

I it's played dead trigger on the htc one. The constant 60 fps is awesome

Does anybody else get bored with fighting games quickly?

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Here is my new vid:Hitman Sniper Montage
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So I finally got my ten dollar credit on PSN. However, I'm stuck between valkyria chronicles 2 or persona 3 FES. Which should I get?

So I'm on steam today and i see hitman absolution for only ten dollars. Anybody else cash in on this amazing deal?
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