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Ben Glass
Fairfax Virginia Personal Injury Attorney
Fairfax Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

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First. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review!. I personally checked our phone records and spoke to both the paralegal and the attorney who called you back and spoke to you the same day you called our office. You called about matter in Maryland. You currently have an attorney who represents you in that matter  but you are not happy with that attorney. We are not licensed in Maryland and Mr. Abrenio and our paralegal told you that in two separate phone calls. We gave you some information about how you can go about resolving the issues you have with your current attorney and we offered to refer you to another Maryland attorney if you would like us to do that.

Each day we talk to numerous people who are seeking a personal injury or wrongful death attorney. We are licensed in Virginia only but we make referrals to attorneys all over the United States. We offer a number of free books at our website in order to help consumers understand the legal process and yes, we do spend time on the phone with folks who have issues in other states but we are always clear about what we can and cannot do to help them.

We are really not sure why Mr. Peterson posted this type of review because he did speak to both a paralegal and an attorney, even though it was apparent that he already had an attorney and his case was in Maryland. We would be more than happy to give him other Maryland names.

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