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Kandice Na'Te Cole
I help you fuel your own fire by finding your truth.
I help you fuel your own fire by finding your truth.

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I vividly remember teaching the insect unit to 2nd graders at NKO. One reason was that any type of bug made me squeamish. The other was that the last insect the students learned about were butterflies. We would learn about caterpillars and all the stages…

Enjoying TX so far!

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Last week, I boarded a plane to NYC on Southwest Airlines, where you get to pick your own seat. Everyone was attempting to squish into the first twelve rows, including myself.

The flight attendant looked around and said, “Folks, there are entire rows available in the back.”

I hesitated at first, then got up and went to the back of the aircraft since I was in no rush to get off the plane first. Lo and behold, there was lots and lots of space, rows and rows of empty seats. I ended up having an entire row to myself, giving me the luxury of spreading out so that I could write and really enjoy the ride over the friendly skies.

This got me wondering: How much spaciousness is beyond the crowded places of our lives? 

What is beyond our cluttered thoughts? What space is beyond our hectic schedules? What peace is just beyond the chaos? Where do we overlook this spaciousness in the name of being busy? Can we allow ourselves to explore these spacious places in everyday life?

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 Join me for Songs & Stories-Episode1:

Race, ethnicity, and cultural differences are beautiful expressions of creativity not some ingenious way to assert power, separate, disenfranchise, and oppress.

Sat. Chit. Ananda.

Playing and exercising are not necessarily synonymous terms. Exercise can indeed turn into play. But sometimes play is not necessarily our idea of exercise.

Why am I telling you this? Because you need to take time to simply PLAY with no strings attached. No worries about calories-burned, levels of intensity, or how much you are sweating.

When I do kickboxing, sometimes it can be fun and playful. Other times it is a drag. I hunker down and get it done because my aim is for physical fitness. During this time I am concerned about heart health, burning last night's dessert calories, and getting toned.

On the other hand when I do Just Dance on the Wii, I am not concerned with anything but having fun. Yea, I look cray cray because I am totally uncoordinated. Yea, I start to sweat a little bit. The key difference is this is not a drag at all. I do it for long stretches of time and am not aware of the clock. I am shaking my body and giggling with wild abandon.

Every observe a mother trying to pry her kiddo from the playground? Battle Royale to be sure. Why? Because playing is magnetic. Playing is fun. Playing is liberating. Playing opens up limitless worlds. Playing makes you feel ALIVE.

Today, after you exercise, engage in some play. Heck, don't exercise and just play because it frickin' feels good. You don't need any other reason to do it.
Please, please  don't get all adult-like complicated with it. Keep it simple so you can do it today. Take 60 seconds or 60 minutes. Whatever you can do at this moment.

Jump rope. Watch cartoons. Dance around the house. Race to the car. Hula hoop. Look up Just Dance videos on YouTube. Color. Put on a cape and be a superhero. Go Stargazing. Turn in circles and make yourself dizzy. Laugh 'till you pee on yourself. Bang on some pots and pans. Air guitar like you are a Rockstar. Look in the mirror and make funny faces. Finger Paint. Play hide and seek. Make foil bracelets and rings. You get the point don't ya?

Today, Play Like You Absolutely Mean It. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you and smile a wide, toothy grin afterwards.

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