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explanation does not equal excuse
explanation does not equal excuse


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I have added a one-shot of Prism by Whitney Delaglio for Saturday Sep. 3rd at 10AM Eastern. Prism is a diceless roleplaying game about conflict resolution and relationships. Set in an aquatic world with its own deities, ethical cultures, and unique families. Recommended for those who enjoy intimacy and supportive character interactions.

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ESCALATION is a magazine all about the 13th Age roleplaying game. The newest issue (#5) is dedicated to 13th Age Glorantha. In fact, in putting this issue together there was so much Gloranthan goodness, Escalation is going to release a special follow-up issue in the next month or so. This will be fully dedicated to the 13G adventure "Skyfall".

Escalation is available for FREE download at the link:

#13thAge #Glorantha #13G #rpg
Escalation Issue 5 is Available
Escalation Issue 5 is Available
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Zombie World
I have added two 8PM Wednesday (US Eastern ) sessions of Zombie World to the calendar for October. General RSVPs open 8/21/18. We will be playing from the Kickstarter Draft.


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Crossroads Carnival
I have added two 8PM Wednesday (US Eastern ) sessions of Crossroads Carnival to the calendar for October. General RSVPs open 8/21/18. We will be playing from the "One Night Only" Ashcan rules.

This game makes use of the same rules-light engine as Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, and Bluebeard’s Bride to create stories of outcast souls similar to Penny Dreadful, The Night Circus, and Carnivale. Rules will be taught.


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An interesting episode, with my first real run at Dungeon World and Fraser's adaptation of older cyberpunk conventions to a modern game.
On the newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast, +Lowell Francis and I are joined by +Fraser Simons for the July Hangouts Round-up. We go in deep on The Green Law of Varkith by +Brendan Conway and Veil 2020: Land of the Free.

Thanks to +Paul Edson for this episode's edit.


Cc: +Magpie Games
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Zombie World
I have added two 8PM Thursday (US Eastern ) sessions of Zombie World to the calendar for October. General RSVPs open 8/19/18. We will be playing from the Kickstarter Draft.


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Orun: Post-Apotheosis Space Opera
I have added two 8PM Thursday (US Eastern ) sessions of Orun to the calendar for October. General RSVPs open 8/14/18. We will be playing from the Quickstart.

In Orun, you play an envoy of the ascendant Oluru, called a Djali or Luminary. The Oluru are distant and removed but keep one foot in this reality to help guide others to apotheosis. Not quite ascendant themselves, the Luminaries travel to different worlds as advisors, troubleshooters, and peacekeepers in the post-apotheosis galaxy. They explore lost star systems and ultimately help enlighten worlds and their people, waking the galaxy from its disordered indolence..


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Urban Shadows
I have added five 10AM Sunday (US Eastern ) sessions of Urban Shadows to the calendar for September. General RSVPs open 7/31/18.

Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy roleplaying game where you’ll play characters struggling to survive in a dark urban environment drowning in supernatural politics. The game focuses heavily on the gritty drama and tense violence that we see so often in works like The Dresden Files, Angel and Supernatural. Attendance at all sessions is encouraged, but not required. Rules will be taught. In session one we will build characters as well as define our American city setting of choice.


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Screw this. In order to turn Trump districts Democrats need to sign up NEW voters in those areas and not waste time on trying to convert believers.

To crack Trump's voter base, Democrats must focus on opportunity, not outrage - CNN Politics
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Another amazing roundup of videos by +Rob Abrazado. Lots of great Gauntlet Hangout session recordings this week. I have World Wide Wrestling, Masks: A New Generation, and my first sessions of Dungeon World using The Green Law of Varkith.
Greetings, and welcome to the weekly Gauntlet Hangouts video roundup! Don't miss any of the great sessions in the updated playlists and video links below.

Star Wars Saturday

- Sea of Stars (Session 1 of 3)
The crew of the Silver Snake fly to the Roche Asteroid Field to take a message from the Rebel Alliance to Research Station Shantipole.
+Richard Rogers runs for +Ary Ramsey, +blaise hebert, +Pawel Solowczuk, and +Walter German:

Gauntlet Sunday

- Dungeon World: The Green Law of Varkith (Session 3 of 5)
The PCs' guild -- The Twilight Museum -- splits to deal with battle bakers and a stone crustacean before returning and uncovering a guild war aimed at them.
+Lowell Francis runs for +Patrick Knowles, +Richard Rogers, +Rubin Levinson, and +steven watkins:

TGI Thursday

- Masks: A New Generation (Session 3 of 4)
Whipette's scouting misstep leads to a battle that opens with the team setting a lair on fire and ends with them dumping the building in the bay.
+Lowell Francis runs for +Hannah Banks, +Jesse Abelman, +Larry S, and +Michael Mendoza:

Gauntlet Quarterly

- Gauntlet League Wrestling: Season 3 (Session 2)
A new manager gets burned protecting folks from backstage chicanery, an old hand takes a belt to help a buddy, and another tag team match descends into chaos.
+Lowell Francis runs for +Ary Ramsey, +Chris Newton, +gerwyn walters, +Patrick Knowles, +Tyler Lominack, and +Zak Soeria-Atmadja:

Gaunt Marches

- Dungeon World: Gaunt Marches - The Land of 1,000 Sloughs (Session 3 of 5)
Intrigue in the town of Alameen, ritual sacrifice to the Blind God, and a rat dragon!
+Spencer Paskett runs for +Adam Minnie, +Harry Morris, +Rubin Levinson, and +Tyler Lominack:

- Dungeon World: Gaunt Marches: Desire to Despond (Session 2 of 3), +Richard Ruane runs for +Bethany H, +Catherine Ramen, +Dylan Craig, +Kyle Hodnett, and +Stephen Karnes:

Gauntlet City Limits

- Katanas & Trenchcoats (Session 1 of 2)
A time-traveling car wizard and his vampiric ancestor attend a street race that's interrupted by a dubstep dance battle while an Immortal "out of the game" fights pseudo-ninjas on his house boat. Plus were-snakes show up.
+Ryan Macklin runs for +Jason Cox, +Mike Espinoza, and +Richard Rogers:

Gauntlet Hangouts

- Monster of the Week: Big Business (Session 3 of 4)
Magic Meditation saves the day!
+Sidney Icarus runs for +Hayley G, +Lauren McManamon, +Ryan McNeil, and +Vee Hendro:

- Monsterhearts 2: Ballhir (Session 3 of 3)
Finale where the fallout of the murderous showdown at the Abbey makes itself felt. Psychological trauma and political upheaval abound.
+Donogh McCarthy runs for +Asher Silberman, +Jesse Ross, +Lauren McManamon, and +Mark Causey:

- Rhapsody of Blood: Creeping Darkness (Session 3 of 5), +Maria Rivera runs for +Jason Tocci, +Taejas Kudva, and +Vincent Eaton:

- Psi*Run
A trio of escaped assets weaponize feelings to evade a multinational corporation on the Russian steppe.
+Ryan McNeil runs for +Ellen Saxon, +Sidney Icarus, and +Tyler Lominack:

- Beyond the Castle Wall: Keep on the Barrowlands (Session 2 of 4)
An heir apparent gets punched, a stableboy gets injured, a strange southerner acts suspiciously, the wine cellar is reorganized, a hug lingers, a smith’s apprentice discovers the value of free alcohol, and Lady Lyssa proves she can listen to farmers as intently as she listens to crows.
+Richard Ruane runs for +Christo Meid, +Leandro Pondoc, +Maria Rivera, and +Mark Causey:

- Nahual: Playtest 1 (Session 2 of 4), +Mike Espinoza runs for +Brian Wille, +Richard Rogers, +Tara Newman, and +Tomer Gurantz:

- Dungeon World: Beneath Cartannah (Session 2 of 4)
The party safely arrives in Rift-Town after a few encounters in the sewers. Their dwarven guide is replaced by a backstabbing ratkin who brings them to the Diggers Sorrow Inn.
+Maxime Lacoste runs for +Jan Petrykowski, +Robbie Boerth, +Ryan Windeknecht, and +Spencer Paskett:

- Polaris, +Mikael Tysvær runs for +Horst Wurst, +Ryan Windeknecht, and +Sabine V:

- Good Society (Session 2 of 3), +Yoshi Creelman runs for +Chris Thompson, +Daniel Lewis, +David LaFreniere, and +Jim Crocker:

- Veil 2020: Land of the Free (Session 7)
The Big Easy - The crew navigates through a much changed, futuristic New Orleans akin to Venice during Mardi Gras in order to find their new fixer, Michael Hart.
+Fraser Simons runs for Alex Carlson, +Darren Brockes, +Lauren McManamon, +Matthew Doughty, and +Michael G. Barford:

Other Games

- Swords Without Master: Remnants: Year 1, Summer, +Pat Perkins runs for +Aaron Feild, +Blake Ryan, and +Maria Rivera:

Check out all the great videos on The Gauntlet's YouTube channel at and be sure check out the playlists to catch up on all your favorite Gauntlet Hangouts games. If you'd like to play in games like these, check out the Gauntlet Hangouts Google+ Community at where game signups are announced! To support The Gauntlet and Gauntlet Hangouts, please visit the Gauntlet Patreon at where $7 and up patrons get priority RSVP for Gauntlet Hangouts games. Enjoy, and everyone have a great weekend!
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