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I became a #NewUSCitizen today! 🇺🇸

While I'll always love my home country of the #UK 🇬🇧 and my father's homeland of #Jamaica 🇯🇲 it's the States that's provided me all the #opportunities of my adult life.

From #UCLA to #CNN, living here has truly changed and enriched my life. You still have to work hard to take advantage of the opportunities, though.

Here's to more hard work. Cheers to my fellow #Yankees! ✌🏽️

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The latest...

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So I think this is pretty cool: 

Starting Monday, February 16th I, alongside Rosemary Church CNN will anchor two-hour blocks of a revamped “CNN Newsroom” airing weekdays (M-T) on #CNNInternational and simulcast nightly on #CNN in the US.

Boom -

This means literally no matter where you are in the world, for two hours each weekday you can check in with us, get updates on big #news events and connect here online. This is also technically my first “official” anchor assignment if you’re keeping track – which I am. So yes, I’m #excited about it!

Many of you already tune in joining us from time to time and I’ve got to say a big – #THANKYOU! If you didn’t already watch we wouldn’t be getting a new look and official push forward. 

Congrats to our colleagues John Vause and Zain Asher who will anchor a two-hour block of “CNN Newsroom” before us. We’re now becoming quite the competitive TV couples 

So lets keep it going. Now that it’s official - watch live or set your DVRs:

11p-1a in Los Angeles | 2a-4a in New York 

On CNN International
7a-9a GMT | 3p-5p in Hong Kong

Different seasons, different show times – but we’ll get to that later…

And I’m not getting #married or moving away – you guys are hilarious!

See you soon,

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The #Hamas/#Israel conflict has resulted in 1,800+ deaths... And counting. The UN says 70-80% are civilian casualties while the #IDF says it does not target innocent people. Watch my interview with Mark Regev, spokesmen for the #Israeli government, as we discuss concerns surrounding this ongoing war.

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I had the unique privilege of touching a #lion at Antelope Park in #Zimbabwe for 'Inside Africa.' For many reasons these apex predators are in steep decline in #Africa and could become extinct if the trend is not reversed. #CNN

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There's a lot of disappointment at #Africa's newest country. 1k+ killed, 190k+ displaced and $166mn in aid needed.

There have also been more clashes ahead of South Sudan peace talks which were underway Friday.

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2013 Highlight: (FEB) Working in #Nigeria for the first time, spending time in #Lagos and talking with ambitious young entrepreneurs 

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It was moving reporting on this moment when #Mandela's remains we're removed from the Union Building for the last time ahead of Sunday's funeral - Take a look

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BREAKING: Nelson #Mandela, the man considered to be the father of post-apartheid South Africa, has passed away at age 95. #Madiba, as he’s affectionately called, led a truly remarkable life in which he successfully co-founded the country’s first black law firm, fought against #apartheid, served 27 years in prison because of it and was released only to become the first democratically elected #President in South African history. He would go on to win a Nobel peace prize, negotiate conflicts in #Africa and beyond and establish himself as a global icon for #peace and #reconciliation. Stay tuned to CNN and CNN International for our special coverage of his death, his life and upcoming memorial services.

What does Mandela’s legacy mean to you?

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Question: If you present a money-making idea to your bosses and they developed it into a success - are you entitled to a cut of the money it made? One man in South Africa says yes, as he takes his former employers at Vodacom to court. It's been going on for years but a decision could come at any moment. Watch my report and tell me what you think the judge should decide.
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