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5569 W.95TH STREET, OAK LAWN IL 708.717.5947
I love a good massage just as much as anyone else.  Massage therapy has many proven benefits and has many therapeutic affects.  We offer massage therapy at our clinic on our off hours and we have very, very good therapists as well as a very loyal following of individuals who purchase our services regularly.  However, I have been running in to a what I believe is a somewhat serious issue in that – many patients (particularly new patients) have been managing serious musculoskeletal issues for many years with massage therapy and massage therapy alone.  Many of these individuals have been able to get significant pain relief for extended periods of time as well.  The problem with this lies in the fact that massage therapy alone will only address the soft tissue component of neck and lower back conditions – which makes up approximately 1/3 of the problem (or maybe ¼ if I wanted to get into more detail).  Yes there are trigger points, knots, hypertonic, tender, taut muscles in these areas – but in 90% of these cases these muscle conditions are secondary to more serious issues.
These soft tissue issues must be addressed it conjunction with several other therapies in order to affect a condition, prevent further damage to the spine, and give people lasting relief without continued care.

For example, a 48 year old female patient presents with chronic upper back tension, neck pain, intermittent tension headaches (5 years), and numbness in her right 4th and 5th fingers.  The patient has been getting massages for years, which have helped manage her symptoms tremendously, however over time she feels as though her symptoms are occurring more frequently and that the intensity of the pain is worse when she is experiencing it.  The patient also mentioned that she is dropping things more frequently with her right hand and that on occasion she will hear grinding sounds in her neck.
This patient had good intentions.  She didn’t like the idea of managing her condition with medication and she figured she would take a more holistic approach with the use of massage.  Heck, lets just say that she is using essential oils and valerian root extract as well…she really likes natural treatments.  However the patient never got an xray and never had a proper physical examination by a specialist who understands how to treat musculoskeletal conditions without ibuprofen 800mg and flexeril.

It turns out that the patient on physical examination also had a muscle weakness in her right arm as well as hyporeflexia at both the C5 and C6 nerve distribution.  Xray examination showed reversal of the normal curvature of her neck, anterior spondylophytes (arthritis), 50% loss of disc height at C4/C5 and C5/C6, as well as bilateral lateral foraminal stenosis.

The patient was given a treatment plan that involved SPECIFIC muscle stripping of the anterior neck flexors, anterior and middle scalenes, bilateral sternocleidmastoids, and bilateral pectoralis minor muscles.  The patient was educated on and performed strengthening exercises to rehabilitate her posterior neck extensors and middle trapezius to correct her posture, and the patient was given gentle joint manipulation at the affected joint levels in her neck to increase normal joint movement .   After the patient’s sixth visit she had only occasional tension in her neck, her numbness had completely gone away, and she was no longer having headaches.

To make a long story short, the patient was able to intervene at a point where she was able to literally CORRECT her condition – a condition that had less to do with knots, trigger points, and muscle spasm – and more about her overall physical condition, posture, and biomechanics.  Most importantly the patient’s intervention probably stopped the further degeneration of her cervical spine given that she REMOVED the factors which were feeding her condition to begin with.
If you are having a musculosketal issue, have a proper examination by an educated specialist who knows what they are doing…and do not attempt to self manage your condition, regardless of how much you like your massage therapist, acupuncturist, or even the Asian guys at the mall ;).  People who don’t consider pain a serious enough condition to see somebody for end up being the same patients who will be beyond the point of successful treatment with conservative care. 
Thank you for your time!
Dr. Valentino Botti
Looking for a Chiropractor in Oak lawn. Dr Botti helps restore good health to his patients. Located in the Southwest Pain Center Book an Appointment Online
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An on-going topic of discussion, political posturing, and research is the safety of cervical spine manipulation.  Throughout the years this has been a hot button issue filled with pseudo-science, myth, and exaggeration.  One of the most thorough research articles relating to the safety of cervical spine manipulation came from the esteemed SPINE Journal in 2007.  It obtained data from over 50,000 cervical spine manipulations and showed ...
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Why Derrick Rose Keeps Getting Hurt – From a Postural Standpoint
After years of studying human anatomy, spending 12 hours a day educating patients on their posture and biomechanics, watching people walk at Target, the Mall, ect, and being the fan I am of basketball – there has always been something glaringly obvious to me about #DerrickRose.  Aside from being a ridiculous athlete, freakishly fast, and one hell of a competitor – he has an aweful anterior pelvic tilt.  The analogy I use with my patients is that if your pelvis is a bucket of water, you want to keep that water in the center of that bucket during your activities of daily living and especially during physical activity.  Derrick Rose is spilling all of his water out of the front of the bucket most likely for the same reasons that make him freakishly fast, his hip flexors.  Google any picture of this and you will see that he holds this type of position with his body...

Aside from creating a facet syndrome and chronic lower back pain this position also causes abnormal stress on the ANTERIOR portion of the lower extremity, and in this case the anterior portion of the knee.  ACL tears occur due to anterior stress of the tibia on the femoral head.  This additional anterior stress will also increase how the femoral head articulates with the meniscus and increase intrajoint pressure.  The increase in pressure coupled with rotation WILL causes tears in the meniscus.  Im not saying that knee rehabilitation is not a vital part of knee injury rehabilitation but sometimes, especially when we are dealing with reoccurring issues, it might be a good idea to take a higher level approach to therapy and look at the patient more than condition. Also in clinical practice I find that more than 90% of the time, the origin of pain and injury is not source of the dysfunction.  In this particular case, while the knee is the primary area of concern, it is somewhat obvious that lower extremity muscle imbalance does exist.
Additionally, I believe that the training staff should evaluate the shoes that Derrick is wearing.  Most who watch basketball are aware that Derrick has an enormous contract with Adidas.  I have never analyzed or worn the shoe but I believe that it is possible that the shoe itself may not be an ideal choice given that pes planus or flat feet can also contribute to or exacerbate an anterior pelvic tilt.  While this is all speculation, I believe that given the circumstances – Derrick Roses management should be looking for more answers as to why this fantastic athlete continues to injury himself.
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5569 W. 95th Street, Oak Lawn IL
The rotator cuff is perhaps one of the most complex joints in the human body.  It controls our arm movement, is involved in the precision of many hand movements, and is basically used throughout the day in all of our activities of daily living and work.  Naturally it is also prone to many different complications, conditions, and pathology including tendonitis, bursitis, tears, etc.  After proper evaluation and diagnosis through orthopedic testing or physical examination the most common course of treatment usually involves a course of physical therapy.  Conservative care is always the first line of treatment – and in many cases insurance companies may not even pay for an MRI unless the patient has at least attempted a four week trial of physical medicine.  At this point there is often little consideration for chiropractic as a method of physical therapy, since the general consideration is usually to go directly to “physical therapy”.

Let’s face it, there isn’t much variation in how a shoulder rehabilitation takes place.  If a patient is choosing one physical therapy location over another it more likely has to do with the proximity of that location to their home rather than the brand of resistance bands used at a particular facility – and with good reason.  Shoulder rehabilitation is generally not complicated.  Resistance band exercises, and the progression of those exercises while working through pain at increasing resistance is the nuts and bolts of rotator cuff treatment -  however I have found that a specific eye for biomechanics in the middle and upper thoracic spine can really accelerate the rehabilitation process and prevent future rotator cuff injury.
Many patients with rotator cuff pathology present with an upper crossed syndrome, forward head posture, and an upper thoracic kyphosis or hunchback (in varying degrees).  It is precisely this postural disadvantage that causes the rotator cuff to work inefficiently.  The body needs to be balanced to properly function, just like the tire on a car.  The rotator cuffs proximity to the thoracic spine is a matter of inches bilaterally.  Any changes in the angle that it sits on the human torso can affect angles at which the musculature operates, how the muscles of the rotator cuff are being recruited, and the angles at which the rotator cuff insertion are being tensioned at during work and physical activity – each a recipe for disaster.

Therefore, it is not merely enough to address the rotator cuff during physical therapy.  In 90% of clinical cases, the location of the pain is not necessarily the origin of pains problem.  Achieving a balanced platform for the rotator cuff to “do its thing” efficiently and effectively is  an absolute priority in my patient’s and has created a fantastic clinical outcomes with very low rates of aggravation.  Similarly we have been able to decrease the need for surgical repair of common tears in the labrum and rotator cuff my taking chronic biomechanical accumulation of stress out of the patient’s body and allowing an environment conducive to healing.
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By default many medical doctors often refer their patients for physical therapy.  While there are medical professionals who understand the value of chiropractic care it is very easy for them to use the phrase “physical therapy” by default.  However in a wide variety of spine related issues, there needs to be an understanding about which physical medicine approach would produce the best value for patient needs.   Too often primary care physicians wait for the patients to bring this information to them and request the referral to chiropractic after there has been a failure by physical therapy or pain management alone.  In fact, many medical doctors don’t realize that The Journal of the American Medical Association recommends chiropractic as the first line of care for back pain over all other treatment methods.  The consequence is that patients have much success with chiropractic as a last resort when they would have save much time and healthcare costs when it should have been recommended as a first resort.

Then there is the argument that Physical therapy eliminates the need for chiropractic.  This is in fact false as Chiropractic care offers much of what physical therapy offers in addition to several other important benefits.  Chiropractic varies from PT in that the full musculo-SKELETAL system is addressed.  Studies have shown that spinal adjustments, in addition to resetting joint receptors and increasing joint range of motion, also stimulate the release of your body’s own endogenous hormones and pain relieving opiods.  These benefits in conjunction with physical therapy naturally seems advantageous over strictly exercise, manual therapy, and/or other passive therapy modalities.  Some physical therapists incorporate joint mobilization however their expertise in the area is limited to an elective course while chiropractor are educated in thousands of hours of joint and spinal manipulation.  They also have a doctoral level understanding of anatomy, physiology, and neurology – knowledge which all contributes to the higher level understanding of how to approach each patient specific need/condition.

Another important distinction is that Chiropractors receive more training than medical doctors in special and advanced imaging.  Treating a musculoskeletal issue without imaging is like driving through the city that you live in without street signs.  You may have a general idea of where you are going however, there is a good possibility that you could make a wrong turn somewhere.  Imaging can completely validate or invalidate how you treat a specific condition – especially neck and back pain.  Chiropractors are required to complete thousands of hours of Radiology course work for this specific reason.  The ability to see what is going on and to make a specific correction to that image is an invaluable trade that can make a treatment successful or unsuccessful.

Finally, chiropractic care can make medical treatment more successful.  Loosening up soft tissue, restoring normal joint movement , and correcting biomechanics in patients with severe arthritic conditions, stenosis, and degenerative disc disease – in many cases will allow patient’s bodies to better take medication delivery via injection or orally. 

Looking for a Chiropractor in Oak lawn. Dr Botti helps restore good health to his patients. Located in the Southwest Pain Center Book an Appointment Online
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The FDA is warning against prescription combination drugs with high amounts of acetaminophen
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Morgan Woolley's profile photo
Morgan Woolley
2 weeks ago
31yo female c/o on/off back pain for several years. As of late, the pain was increasing in both intensity and frequency so I decided to schedule a consultation w/Dr. Botti – Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! His assessment is very thorough. I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate relief felt with just one adjustment. More importantly though, I left the consultation with an understanding of what was wrong, why, and how he and his team were going to help me to help myself get better. I initially started seeing Dr. Botti at his Oak Lawn location, but have since transitioned to his Lincoln Park practice as this is closer to my home. Therapists and reception at both locations are wonderful. Appointments are easy to make, always timely, and NEVER feel rushed – even on the busiest of days. All this aside, one thing that I personally enjoy and feel sets him apart from other physicians is his laid back disposition and sense of humor. After all, laughter is the best medicine…next to Dr. Botti’s exceptional chiropractic care.
• • •
Omar Mata's profile photo
Omar Mata
5 months ago
Dr. Botti is a great chiro. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is suffering from back pain. His entire staff is so helpful also. Such a great experience!
J. Tisdale's profile photo
J. Tisdale
2 months ago
I went just today, it was a great experience. I was able to get some treatment that actually worked and some insight on how to improve myself outside of treatment. I recommend Botti and his staff. They were all so nice to me.
Mel Jones's profile photo
Mel Jones
4 months ago
Had to stop by and say thanks to Dr. Botti for the amazing job he did with my lower back. After sustaining an injury that left me on constant pain, I've bounced around several other chiropractors in Oak Lawn. It was only after being treated by Dr. Botti that I began experiencing lasting pain relief. He hands down exceeded my previous results for treating my lower back condition. I called, scheduled, an appointment, and the friendly staff member was more than helpful accommodating me. I arrived, and they quickly accepted my insurance with no problems. I only waited a few minutes until Dr. Botti was ready to see me. He was very attentive and concerned with my condition during his examination. His techniques weren't painful at all and he helped me regain my back strength and range of motion. My progress has been amazing! Thanks!
• • •
monica miranda
a month ago
I absolutely, loved Dr. Botti and his staff. Everyone, was super nice and helped in my recovery. Dr. Botti, listens to his patients concerns. I highly, recommend Dr. Botti for all your chiropractic and pain management needs. I felt, awesome after only a few weeks of treatment and also, lost 8 lbs.
Cheri Cruz's profile photo
Cheri Cruz
4 months ago
Dr. Botti is a fantastic Chiropractor. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has any type of issues with their bones and/or muscles. I have several types of arthritis's and had been seeing my Rhematologist for well over a year and was still having severe back pain. She sent me for x-rays and it really showed nothing at all and Dr. Botti said that there was something wrong and then sent me to get an MRI. Which showed 4 bulging, herniating discs which is caused from three spine arthritis's that are severe. None of this would have been found, if it weren't for Dr. Botti. I would have been suffering for many years if it wasn't for him. He is a fantastic doctor. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I come across.
• • •
gigi canavan
4 months ago
Dr. Botti is an excellent chiro. I have major back issues and have never found anyone who has made me feel 90% better and more physically capable. He also has an a great nurse practitioner named Cindy who is going to be doing my knees. The office staff is awesome and friendly!!! Can't wait to see you them next week!
Mike Lubinski
9 months ago
I would highly recommend Dr. Botti. He has a very professional and attentive staff. His approach using massage, physical therapy and adjustment/manipulation helped make my neck and back feel better from the first visit.