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Green Card and Moving to America
It has been a while since the last time I posted an article on my blog. Sorry about that. Life has been a roller coaster lately with all the spousal visa last process and moving to America thing. Now I am nicely settled in Alabama. I got time to tell you th...

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This girrrrl is on fire..oh wait that's mother of the Dragons ^_^

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India: Adventure in Mumbai
Namaste. Mere naam hai Pavitra. My name is Pavitra. Pavitra = Suci = Pure/Holly Mumbai or Bombay, the city of Bollywood Movie was our next destination. We were planning to stay here for 4 days. We were offered to stay at husband's friend's parents. We were ...

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Marriage: The Silliest Fights
In 2 months, we are gonna have our wedding anniversary, early March. It will be our first wedding anniversary. Before that, since 2015 is just over. I would like to reflects on it and share some wisdoms. We had a couple fights but since we are still at the ...

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India: Petualangan si Neng di India
Jujur aja ya Aa dan Teteh sekalian, Neng mah sudah suka sama film India teh dari zaman heubeul, dari zaman si Neng masih sakola TK sampai sekarang oge masih suka pisan. Film India yang pertama Neng tonton teh film yang ada gajah na. Lupa judulna apa, tapi N...

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Contact Her
You can reach her through her email; or her Twitter id; @lilithofbalkan and Instagram id:  @park_suci

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Who is She?
Hi all, Let me introduce myself. My name is Suci. My internet Id would be Park Suci, Suci Park, and/or Park Su Ci. If you haven't follow my Twitter yet, the id is @lilithofbalkan. As for my Instagram, the id is @park_suci. Right now I am working in a big in...

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India: Tips for Traveling in India
India was definitely a land of beauty. But certainly it was not easy traveling in India. I heard someone once says 'If you can travel and survive in India, you can travel and survive anywhere else.' With these words carved in my heart, my husband and I deci...

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Challenge: Spicy Food
Who loves spicy food? I do I do I do I loooove spicy food. I am pretty proud with my spicy food endurance level. Most Asians have a better endurance level. However, my husband who is half Asian and half white has weak endurance level against spicy food.  So...

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Dream Wedding
Girls, how many of us has been dreaming about dream wedding ever since we were kids? Plenty, I bet. Tho some girls dreaming about changing the world instead or some others dreaming bit of both. I had my dream wedding since I was really small. It keeps chang...
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