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The Top Benefits of Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care has continued to grow in popularity over recent years, as more and more individuals embrace the idea of whole body health and the benefits it offers.
Once considered a form of alternative medicine, chiropractic treatments are more and more becoming a mainstream treatment practice by both health insurance companies, as well as the general population at large. And there are many reasons for that, which include…
Pain Prevention
Chronic illnesses, including pain, are a big contributor to why employees have to take extended time off from their place of employment. So preventative measures have been recognized as one of the single most important factors in maintaining an employees optimal health, preventing pain, dissuading discomfort, and greatly reducing or eliminating debilitating aches.
Although a lot of times individuals will ignore small aches and pains, they tend to have an accumulative affect, having a tendency to build up, causing bodily harm that could render one immobile. 
However, chiropractors have the ability to maintain a persons mobility, and ensure their body is balanced and their spine is aligned, keeping them functioning at an ideal level.
Stress Management
Although some might think of chiropractic care as a quick “cracking session”, nothing could be further from the truth. Adjustment times will vary, but overall they are relaxing sessions that allow you the much-needed time to decompress, and literally take a load off your shoulders.
Stress can add to chronic pain and illness in general, so approaching chiropractic care, as a means of stress management can be greatly beneficial.
Posture Improvement
Due to long commutes and lengthy hours in the office, a lot of people do not have the best upright posture. Being slumped over a computer all day can have you hunched in a hurry, so by utilizing chiropractic care, you will find out ways in which to stay sitting up straight, without feeling like it’s a tiresome chore. As well, regular adjustment will help your spine maintain alignment and keep your body sitting (and standing), as it should.
At our Surrey chiropractic office, we embrace whole body health and feel we have a positive impact on those who choose to utilize our services. So call or come by to book an appointment, and feel the difference chiropractic care can make for you!

Seniors and Spinal Care

As we age, so too do our bodies. It is the natural progression of life, and so ensuring you maintain a healthy diet, keep up with regular exercise, and preserve your mobility, will all play a role in your quality of life as retirement age approaches.
Stellar Seniors
More and more seniors are enjoying a high quality of life thanks to the shift in environmental factors. From working jobs that are less stressful on the body, to enjoying vacation time where one has regular occasions of total relaxation, to a well-rounded diet backed by exercise; all these efforts add up as we age, and lead to better wellness overall.
Seniors and Chiropractic Care
A lot of seniors can also attribute their health and mobility to regular chiropractic care throughout other stages of their life. Keeping the spine aligned plays a large part in keeping the body whole, and functioning at optimal levels.
However, regardless of if you have maintained regular chiropractic visits, or are just looking into chiropractic care now in later life, there are still many benefits a chiropractor can offer in ensuring your body is aligned and well balanced, avoiding a lot of the aches and pains that come with age.
Adding Life to Years
Studies have shown that, seniors over the age of 65 who maintain regular chiropractic checkups, enjoy a healthier spine for up to 5 years longer than those who do not undergo regular treatment. This can result in some major health differences, keeping seniors stable in their health, or even improving upon it.
In addition, studied further show that those under chiropractic care tended to see their doctor only half as much, taking 70% less prescribed medication overall, and collectively agreed that chiropractic care was the main contributor to this fact.
At Providence Chiropractic we are privileged to help families maintain their spinal health throughout every stage of life. Regardless of your age, or if you have ever used the services of a chiropractor before, we are here to help you better understand whole body health, and how chiropractic treatment can play a pivotal part in that process.
Call us today, and allow us to help you increase your wellbeing now and for years to come!

How To Keep Your Kids Aligned During the School Season
School is back in sessions for the 2015/2016 season, and along with it comes the many hurdles families face with modern parenting. Full schedules are somewhat alleviated when school returns and a regular routine can be maintained, but along with these full schedules also come the risks of sicknesses being passed from one child to the other, fatigue ensuing, and other such ailments that school seemingly brings.
Healthy Spine = Happy Kids
Ensuring the healthy alignment of your child’s spine will better ensure they are able to focus at school, and that illnesses are better left at bay. Their spinal health plays such a pivotal role in their overall health, and missing out on regular chiropractic adjustments can cause your child unnecessary strain and sickness. So consider pre-emptive care with chiropractic care.
Sports and Spinal Care
With a re-emerging school schedule also comes seasonal sports. We strongly believe that movement is important for your health, and keeping your child running, walking, skating, kicking, and all the other physical movements required in sports, will help your child gain better mobility and free-flowing movement. We simply encourage you to watch for any additional strain put on the back, as it can cause a myriad of concerns that last for a lengthy amount of time. So addressing it quickly with chiropractic care is highly recommended.
Backpacks and Your Child’s Back
Backpacks are a sneaky culprit behind strained necks, sore backs, and headaches. As much as they are necessary for carrying school supplies, lunches, and all other school-related items, they also carry a health risk to your child if they are weighted down day after day, and for extended periods of time, with a backpack that is too heavy for their weight.
So keep these tips in mind regarding your child’s backpack…
- Ensure your child’s backpack weighs no more than 10% of their body weight. Many items can be left at school after the initial first days of bringing the entirety of their school supplies. 
- Encourage your child to limit the comings and goings of their school supplies and additional items.
- Pack the heaviest items closest to their spine so they are not being pulled back by the weight of outlying items.
- Have your child wear both their shoulder straps over both shoulders, and avoid slinging their backpack over just one shoulder, as it causes uneven weight distribution, and forces your child to adjust their body weight unevenly.
At Providence Chiropractic, we feel preventative measures matter. We wish you a pleasant start to your school year, and look forward to helping maintain the health of you or your child’s spine as you see fit! 

Summer Road Trips and a Healthy Spine

Summer is a time when a lot of us hop in our vehicles and head to various destinations to visit family and friends, go camping, or any other number of memory making activities. Along with that often comes long car rides and potential back discomfort. Whether you currently suffer spinal issues, or perhaps you have had neck or back concerns in the past; sitting for long periods can cause cramping and a sore back at the best of times, as well as cause old issues to flare up.

So we wanted to provide you with solutions before unaligned spine concerns even start!

Find Your Comfy Spot

Whether you need a lumbar support pillow, a neck pillow, or one of those bead seat covers to keep you comfortable, make the splurge and sit comfortably for your journey ahead. A small twinge of discomfort can turn into an inferno of pain quite quickly when sitting for long periods of time, so get it right from the onset, and avoid these potentially painful road trip pitfalls.

Clean Out Your Pockets

Get rid of cell phones, wallets, and anything else that will make you sit unevenly. Balancing your weight evenly to ensure a smooth ride is also an imperative part of a pain-free road trip.

Set Your Steering Stage

Ensure that your seat is set to the right position in order to reach the steering wheel comfortably. Over-reaching, or hunching over the wheel can both take a toll over a long journey. So make sure you’re a comfortable distance from the wheel, and drive easy.

Utilize Rest Stops

Powering through your road trip with little to no stops can quickly lead to spinal discomfort, and could even immobilize you during your vacation time due to having sat idle for too long. So utilize rest stops as much as possible, walking about and doing some simple stretches to keep you limber.

As your chosen Surrey Chiropractic office, we are here to help you maintain your overall health, and ensuring you have a happy and healthy summer definitely makes us smile and will keep you happily content as well. So feel free to call and make an appointment before or after your road trip, and keep your spine in optimal condition all season long!

The Importance of a Good Pillow for Your Spine
A consistent good nights rest might be the most important factor in ensuring your overall health is addressed, and with so many contributing factors as to why a lot of individuals have a disrupted sleep, eliminating as many culprits as possible is ideal.
The Benefits of a Quality Sleep
Sleep is the time in which your body is in recovery mode. From muscular recovery, to stress elimination, to removing general pressure off of your body and allowing your skeletal system to relax; all these factors come together to help you regain momentum for the next day and better maintain your general health.
The Benefits of the Right Pillow
Choosing the right pillow that will support your head and neck without overextending the upper portion of your spinal column, will allow you to sleep in a relaxed state and have you waking up rested.
A customized pillow will fit the exact shape of your head-to-shoulder ratio intended exactly for you, spreading your weight evenly and in uniform positioning with your vertebrae.
Finding a supplier of natural pillows who can custom fit a pillow for you, is not as expensive as one might think. Especially when you take into consideration the cost of repeatedly poor sleeping patterns and chronic pain.
Pillows that don’t provide the right support can lead to chronic headaches, poor sleeping habits, and many other disruptive conditions. So by ensuring you have the right pillow, you can also ensure you have the right sleep.
The Benefits of a Custom Pillow
- It is designed to keep the spine in natural alignment
- It offers maximum comfort and natural materials
- It is often (or should be) adjustable
- It is designed for your natural sleeping position, whether you are a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper etc
Simply put, stabilizing your head and neck during your sleep is paramount in achieving optimal rest, saving you from neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches and a lack of sleep from such strain.
At Providence Chiropractic, we want to ensure you are taking the necessary precautions to ensure a healthy spine. Allow us to help you maintain your health from a whole body perspective, offering you an enhanced quality of life through preventative measures!

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Seniors

Chiropractic treatment is beneficial to your overall health no matter what your age bracket you fall into, but there are additional advantages to chiropractic treatment for seniors that we wanted to help you become aware of to increase your wellbeing as you age.
Health and Mobility
As we age our joints become more stiff and rigid. This is the natural progression of time, and the impact of gravity on the human body. That is why staying limber is so important to maintaining your mobility throughout your lifespan. 
Chiropractic care can help seniors increase their flexibility, not only through regular treatments, but also through the information provided for you on how to stretch and bend appropriately on a daily basis.
Postural alignment is also an important part to mobility. A lot of times as we age, we stoop; as in - we bend over ever so slightly as we walk, creating a misaligned spine and adding further stress to your joints.
With stooping, also comes a balance concern. As most of us are aware, falling and breaking bones can become an increased occurrence for seniors, so chiropractic care can help you align your posture, enhance your balance, and keep you upright and resistant to falling.
Also, chiropractic care can help to eliminate acute or chronic pain, which in turn allows you to get up and move around without pain, not limiting you to immobility. 
Age brings with it dramatic changes to the spine, spinal discs, ligaments and joints, as well as muscles and other such spinal tissue …all of which become weaker over time, decreasing in hydration and causing susceptibility to strain or damage.
Even without injury, your spine can begin to hurt due to arthritis, bringing with it that chronic pain we spoke about earlier, so maintaining it simply makes good health sense.
Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Seniors Include:
- General pain relief
- Decrease in stiffness and rigidity
- Increase in mobility
- Realigned posture
- Better Balance
- Less risk of falling
At Providence Chiropractic, we want to help our patients achieve whole body health at any stage in life, which includes the senior years that should be lives in comfort. 
Call us today, and allow us to help you ensure you are receiving optimal care during this time. We would be happy to help you maintain an aligned body, and offer you increased health during your retirement years!

Moms, Kids, and Chiropractic Care

May is a beautiful time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Between all the hard work they do, the sacrifices they make, and a myriad of other motherly duties …they definitely deserve a special day for celebration.
As all you moms are aware, raising a child is full of twists and turns. Not just emotionally and financially, but also physically. As you bend and twist and turn to run after your child or children on a daily basis, your back is in full swing right along with you without any time for a warm up or a trial run. 
Being a mom is a continual, on-the-go, maintenance heavy life calling, and as much as any mother you ask will talk about their appreciation of parenting, many would also attest to the fact that a little help goes a long way.
How a Chiropractor Can Help Alleviate Parenting Struggles
Whether you have a baby suffering from colic, a chronically sick child, or endure daily back pain as a parent; chiropractic care can actually help to alleviate all these areas of frustration and concern.
Chiropractic Care and Colic Relief
• Chiropractors have the ability to address the underlying cause colic, getting to the root of the concern and not just providing short-term relief
• Chiropractic adjustments for infants are both safe and natural, helping your little one restore full and proper functioning of the nervous system, which is often the reason behind colic for many infants

Chiropractic Care for Commonly Ill Children
From asthma to colds to allergies, proper spinal alignment can stave off common illnesses in children. The proactive health benefits of chiropractic treatments for children is a great way to allow for optimal health as they grow, and reduce your motherly duties in the process! 
Chiropractic Care – General Relief
A busy lifestyle can be taxing on your body, and as a mom – you very likely have a busy lifestyle! That is why keeping your spine aligned is important in order to help establish an uninterrupted nerve flow, effectively supporting the immune system …keeping you both mobile as well as healthy for your many motherly adventures ahead.
As your Surrey Chiropractors, we want to thank all the moms out there, and would be thrilled to help you and your family maintain optimal health. We believe prevention is the best approach to good health, in order that correction not be a future concern. So let us know how we can help …we look forward to doing so!

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Put a Spring In Your Step with Chiropractic Treatment

Spring is a time for new life, blossoming flowers, and refreshing sunshine, but for those with chronic back-pain, every season tends to be lackluster as they are each overshadowed by discomfort.
If you have suffered an accident you are likely dealing with the aftermath of that situation in your physical body. Whether it was a sports related injury due to an impact from another player, or a sudden slip over the winter, or post-pregnancy pains, or an automobile related injury …all of these types of accidents can impair your mobility, and give you chronic pain that you might feel increase over the years if it is not treated correctly and maintained accordingly.
Keeping your spine aligned and able to move freely and fluidly with the naturally movement of your body, is so important in your overall health. From constant fatigue to continuous pain, by not addressing the alignment concerns of your body, you are causing great stress on yourself, your joints, and your general health. 
So how can you start to help yourself realign? Here are some helpful tips!
Consider Chiropractic Care
As with anyone specialized in their field, a Chiropractor has the ability to address your physical state as it pertains to your skeletal structure and spine as a whole. We approach your physical health from a holistic stance, meaning - we aim to address your entire self, not just offer you bandaid, short-term solutions.
Practice Good Posture
Once you have received chiropractic care, begin to re-implement good posture. By sitting straight and walking tall, you can alleviate a lot of stress to your joints and back. So do as your mother taught you and – “sit up”!
Balance Your Diet and Exercise
The proper diet will keep your weight in check, and getting regular exercise will also help to keep your body in good working order. Ignoring either of these things will impede your success in acquiring proper and consistent alignment.
At Providence Chiropractic, we are here to help you achieve whole body health. Whether you wish to regain your physical mobility, or desire to maintain your overall health before it deteriorates – we can help! 
Call us today, and allow us to help you ensure you are receiving the full benefits of an aligned body.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy
Some might question whether or not chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe …and the answer is – yes! Chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women, so whether you are currently pregnant, or trying to conceive, chiropractic care during this time can be truly beneficial for both you and your growing baby.
Do Chiropractors Require Special Equipment to Treat Pregnant Women?
Special equipment for pregnant women is not necessary for chiropractic treatments, but some might opt for tables that adjust to accommodate a growing baby belly. Overall, your chiropractor will simply adjust their techniques in order to treat their pregnant patients effectively.
What Benefits Does Chiropractic Care Offer During Pregnancy?
Your body’s ability to grow a child within you is a miraculous thing, but your body undergoes many changes in order to facilitate your developing baby. Because of the added weight and changing shape of a pregnant body, a lot of women suffer from a misaligned spine, as well as added pressure to their joints during this time. 
As the abdomen begins to protrude, and the back curve increases, the pelvic area begins to shift - requiring postural adaptations in order to accommodate all these shifting bones and joints.
Ensuring that you are properly adjusted and aligned as your belly grows, is an important part in maintaining a comfortable stance, and helping your body transition with chiropractic care also aids in the delivery process.
By utilizing chiropractic care during your pregnancy, you can expect to…
• Optimized the overall health of your back and joints
• Reduce nausea, back, neck or joint pain
• Optimized relief during labor and delivery 
• Decrease the likelihood of a potential cesarean 
At Providence Chiropractic, we want to help our patients achieve whole body health at any stage in life – and that rings just as true for those who are looking to bring life into this world in the most comfortable way possible. 
Call us today, and allow us to help you ensure you are receiving optimal care during this important time. We would be thrilled to help you maintain an aligned body, and offer you increased health during your pregnancy!

The Benefits of an Aligned Body
Keeping your body aligned is paramount to your overall health. Misalignment due to poor posture or a weak core, can result in hip strain, unnecessary stress to our joints, and an imbalance to your muscular system also. In addition, poor body alignment attributes to fatigue, making you feel drained and tired as your body has to work harder to hold itself upright.
How to Keep Your Body Aligned
Exercise is one of the ways in which you can help to keep your body is good working order. Creating core strength and muscle memory will better position your body for success. That being said, a haphazard workout could cause more harm than good. Because you are creating muscle memory, having the proper positioning as you workout is imperative and helps in creating a properly aligned body.
Strengthening your core also plays an important role in overall body alignment. The midsection is where all your stability muscles reside, so ensuring they are strengthened, will also ensure that you are standing upright, and keeping your body balanced.
In addition to your core (what some might refer to as “abs” …or abdominal muscles), your pelvic floor acts as a hip stabilizer, your diaphragm acts as a respiratory muscle (better breathing = better oxygen to your body), and your “multifidus” muscle acts as a back stabilizer as this is the muscle which runs the length of your spine and ensures you are walking upright and not ape-like.
Last but definitely not least; better alignment can be achieved with chiropractic care. Just as you maintain regular checkups to your doctor and dentist, so too should you maintain regular chiropractic treatments. You wouldn’t feed or hydrate your body sporadically, nor should you care for your skeletal structure in this type of sporadic fashion. After all, this is the mainframe that acts as a pillar to your bodily functions, so treat it well to feel well.
At Providence Chiropractic, we are here to help you achieve whole body health. Whether you wish to regain your physical mobility, or desire to maintain your overall health before it deteriorates – we can help! 
Call us today, and allow us to help you ensure you are receiving the full benefits of an aligned body.
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