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Always love posting a pic of that table hog known as Firefly

Did my first Periscope Q&A session for the MET program. Did not go well, but I'm heartened for the possibilities in the future.

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Played a new game yesterday, called Trickerion.

Worker placement, role management, some resource gathering.

As you can see, a very busy board.

Anybody played it? I'm not sure what to make of it. It seemed to be over just when we were starting to get going.

Also, final score was 47-40, but the score track goes very high. I'm wondering if we're missing a fine point. I retread the rules, and I think we got them right, but maybe something strategic?
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Looking at my 2015 stats and removing all of the ones that I have only played online (either on iOS or Boardgame Arena), I still played 81 different board games.

Not a bad year!

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Anybody interested in a 4-player game of Castles of Burgundy on Me and +Robert Schlumpberger want to get one going.

It will be asynchronous, so hopefully at least a turn a day, maybe a couple of turns depending on how your day goes.

If you are, post your username from over there and I'll include you in the invite.

Incidentally, if there are any other games on there that you'd like to play async, I'm always up for learning something!

Not sure what category to put this under, so please feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.


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Full Firefly, with all the expansions. And my first win!

What an incredible amount of table space

I haven't explored the new Google+ layout much yet, so maybe I can change this.

But there seems to be a ton of wasted space on the screen.

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Somebody deserves to get kicked...or slapped!
An alarm clock for those of you who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. 
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Definitely used all these and more.
Hit that +1 if you've used one of these before and reshare if you've used all.

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Good day of gaming on Sunday.

Played some Legendary (not pictured) mixing everything (including Villains) up through Secret Wars. Was a really disconnected deck, but SHIELD managed to stop Dr Strange from crushing Hydra (why they would do that is unexplained).

Then some 3-player Roll for the Galaxy (also not pictured). I managed a win getting a bunch of planets that provided red dice and then the development that gave me 2 VP for every 3 red dice I had.

Then 3-player Valley of the Kings. I love this little deckbuilder. Won that against two newbies.

Finally, some 3-player Machi Koro, with both expansions. I had an early lead but that Park cleared me out and engineered the win for one of the newbies.

Great day!
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