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Five great stories you should be reading in anthologies out now
One of the really great things about having featured in several anthologies now is that I've had my story nestling alongside tales by some other really great authors. As a result of that, I've gone on to read a fair few pieces of other work by those authors...

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Amazing Stories magazine - yes, that Amazing Stories magazine, the one that first published Asimov - has reviewed our Tales of Wonder collection! Take a look to see what they think. 

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PODCAST REVIEW: Love is on the air
This article previously featured in The Tribune Weekend section on February 10 .  Valentine’s Day is upon us – and for podcast listeners, there are a host of shows about love and relationships. So pop on some headphones and enjoy some intimate advice... Gre...

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BOOK REVIEW: Prometheus and the Dragon by Eric Michael Craig; The Leshy by NC Stow; and Gnarled Bones and Other Stories by Tam May
Prometheus and the Dragon, by Eric Michael Craig One of my top reads of last year was Stormhaven Rising, and this is the sequel to that story.  That first book told the tale of the discovery of an asteroid headed on a collision course for Earth - but that w...

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Free Story: The Simulation. By Ricardo Victoria
Editor's note: Ricardo Victoria is a familiar face here at the blog - and today he returns with a free story for you to enjoy. A slice of science fantasy, his genre of choice - a fine one, which embraces everything from Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom through...

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FREE STORY: The Lost, by Leo McBride, available on Instafreebie
“ Everything
the Bishop Generals told you is true, Daniels. It isn't safe. It
isn't safe at all.” There are moments in time where things can change, things can tip. That's the case in The Lost, where America takes a different course when a supernatural even...

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BOOK REVIEW: Hole Lotta Shakin' by Robert Lee Beers, Find Me by EJ Bennett, and Stained by Kayla Krantz
Guest Brent A. Harris catches us up with his reading list, with reviews for Hole Lotta Shakin', Find Me And Stained. Hole Lotta Shakin’, by Robert Lee Beers Robert Lee Beers has created a masterful facsimile of a
film-noir detective—with a twist you’ll neve...

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When the story tells itself and you're just along for the ride
Something weird happened as I was writing my story The Last Sorceror. You'll find the story in the new Inklings Press anthology Tales of Wonder, but even now I sit and fret about parts of the story. Not the parts most writers worry about - at least, I don't...

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Q&A: Meet EJ Bennett, author of Secrets Of The Mind
EJ Bennett, the author of Secrets of
the Mind, visits the blog to chat about her work. EJ is a YA and
Fantasy writer, who has also written children’s books. Already
since its launch, she has notched up 44 reviews for Secrets of the
Mind on Amazon – and I’ll...

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COMICS REVIEW: Cadavers issue 1, Squirrel Girl Vol 1 & Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 1
Taking a look away from the pages of books, Altered Instinct dives into the pages of a few comic books of recent times, starting with Cadavers, from Mad Robot Comics. Cadavers, Issue 1 Cadavers is the new comic from Mad Robot Comics, whose Madhouse comic I ...
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