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Sarah Leith Bahn
Author, The Ancient Realm
Author, The Ancient Realm
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Let's Talk Trucks!

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Selling just the Shells! Bahn Camper Works - Hood River, OR

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Taking this story public!

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Additional Detail for C&K Female Kayaker of the Year
Weighing in Again! I can’t help it. The ladies included in Canoe and Kayak’s
top female kayakers of the year absolutely blew me away. Please click here for
the full list. It’s an incredible selection of amazing paddlers. And although
many people poo-poo thi...

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Epic First Kindergarten Day
It started off the same as it does for new kindergartners,
pictures in front of the house. However Wyatt insisted it be in front of Ryan’s
huge truck.  Bahns have a weird truck/engine obsession that I will never
understand. Next stop school! Ryan and I deci...

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Canoe and Kayak Female Paddler Of The Year: Nouria Newman. But Why Was Jessica Fox Not Included?
Okay, it’s that time
of year when Canoe and Kayak asks the public to pick who’s the best female and
male paddler. But honestly, this vote is like comparing apples to oranges or in
this case rodeo to extreme racers to slalom racers to ambassadors—extremely

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
You know what's inspiring? The fact that the social media ice bucket challenge has raised $22 million dollars for ALS. That's amazing! Six months ago I thought ALS was a disease that affected old people. I thought it was a disease that ran in families. And ...

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Guest Post by Nikolas Baron at Grammarly
I was honored to be contacted by Nikolas Baron at Grammarly. This is an outstanding article packed full of excellent advice - I promise! Cheers, Sarah Can
Blogging Catapult You into a Writing Career? Over the past few years, there has been a huge shift in t...
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