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50 Active Hangouters bringing you hangouts, Hangouts On-Air, Hangout & Other Related News
50 Active Hangouters bringing you hangouts, Hangouts On-Air, Hangout & Other Related News


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+Hangouters mostly love ZOMBIES! 

On top of the UNDEAD, +Ryan Van Sickle, +Mike Searle, +byron rempel and +matthew rappaport are pretty cool too! Enjoy this episode below focused on +The Walking Dead  #thewalkingdead  

Just a few more hours til episode 2 of THE WALKING DEAD......In the meantime check out +matthew rappaport+Hangout Conversations show with Canadian zombie artist +byron rempel and +Mike Searle who is a great artist as well.

Come on who doesn't like zombies right?.......

#thewalkingdead   #zombieapocalypse   #hangoutconversations   #zombies  
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You want HANGOUT?! You got it.. this is the ULTIMATE +Shared Circles on G+ for +Hangouters !
500 Active +Hangouters for you to Chat with and Get to know . . 
Again this is just Part I, you were not "omitted" by me, if you feel bad you didn't
make this +Shared Circles on G+!

I feel like I +mention ed all of you yesterday... still working on it..

+Tom Samacicio for instance is in this circle and he's great.. CIRCLE UP!
Ask him about CB Radios!

+Pearl Lombardo is a lot of fun too.. CIRCLE HER (she calls SHENANIGANS a lot!)

Happy 1st #PLUSversary  week to you all! #sharedcircles  

Enjoy your FRIDAY and see some of you tomorrow with +Vivienne Gucwa leading the +The Google + One Year Anniversary Photowalk in Central Park tomorrow1
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Lots of great +Hangout Moments and more included!
+Google+ is an EVENT that turns ONE YEAR OLD today! ( #newnews )
I've met many amazing people over the course of this year through Hangouts, the stream, other plussers, recommendations and all over this here + .

Throughout my time here I've done a few things (one is make many posts with lovely +mention s that earned me the #rappatag  / #taggaport  nicknames ala +Cliff Roth) . . 

Without a doubt besides meeting many, connecting a ton to each other, helping a lot to that "Aha!" moment, sharing +999999999+ laughs, mentoring #hangoutsonair  shows, helping to establish G+ culture (+G+ Achievement Unlocked!), supporting as many as possible, getting issues resolved, talking more in one year than ever before [gotta be close!], going full force with +Google+ Your Business Pages including +G+ Business Pages Directory & +Shared Circles on G+, creating +Hangout Conversations, +Conversations+, & +The PLUStainment Show  #hangoutsonair   while +Tearing through the Legends, planning & attending the 1st Big G+ +H.I.R.L. weekend in Feb 2012 ( #nychirl  / now #nychirl2  coming in August 2012!), and being part of an extremely passionate group of people from plussers to googlers to cool people doing +Plustastic what I call ZEALOUS EXALTATION [Really dedicated excitement!]!   

Major and Minor keys aside .. I want to relive my G+ Historical Times,+Hangout Moments and more with you:

My 1st Ever Hangout:

My 1st Meeting of +chee chew and +Rebecca Woodhead:

An Early +foodporn +Reshare via +Wleyner Machado:

Catching Wind of +Chris Pirillo ..."making his night" :

Zombie Master +byron rempel turning me UNDEAD :

The Day G+ Passed 10 Million . . close to 30x that a year later!:

+3 of Mini's earlier appearances on PLUS (And via MOBILE):

A +Joseph Lee SHOUTOUT - My broseph:

Early #rappavision  from G+ App:

Hanging out with a lot of the early +Hangouters and winding up on +Cam Meadows fun hangbook post:

+Aaron Wood asking for a PLUS UNO man:

One of those EARLY Social Network gifs:

I'm ON a Plane:

+Mike Stenger shares an early HANGOUTS Idea:

I'm ON a Farm:

+2 :

Hanging Out during Hurricane Irene:

#occupyseattle  LIVE with +Nicci Moon reporting:

Episodes 1 & 2 of +Hangout Conversations  with guests +Daniel Armendariz and +Jeffrey Powers :

My HANGOUTS Collage:

BEHIND the +Bacon 1 and 2:

Being Interviewed by +Toby Stein and +Google+ Your Business :

Premiere episode of +The PLUStainment Show when it was all tv/movies with +Jane Ellen :

The +Matt Makowsky invasion and format flip: [w/+Women of Google+ drop in +Lynette Young]

The 1st appearance of +Paulie Tenth :

My very 1st +Shared Circles on G+ Posts:
Spreading the pluslove to so many, sharing people/stories/content/zealous exaltation :

Live from the NYC +H.I.R.L. HQ:

I could post link after link after post and memory . . 


Thanks to YOU+ All! ! Love love love love love love love love ya, plusstars!

Link to your favorite posts, memories, people, quotes, pics, videos and more below! ! 

#plusversary   #oneyearplusversary   #oneyearanniversary   #plusbirthday  
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Anything can happen inside Hangouts... More +Hangouters +Hangout Moments !
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A very successful LIVE BODYPAINTING Hangout from +Paul Roustan!

My Fourth Google+ Body Painting Hangout

Here's the show from last night, in case you missed it. And it's not too long compared to the past ones since it was just an upper body painting. But, it's filled with tons of great information thanks to the interview format presented by +matthew rappaport of +Hangout Conversations. So, if you really want to go behind the scenes of my work, check it out when you have a moment to sit and watch.

Also, I want to give a major thanks to +Bruce Garber for his outstanding direction of three camera men, helping provide an unparalleled view of the body paint process.

Talk about a first, painting live from a tv station in Massachusetts, while being interviewed by a guy in NYC, and having it viewable to the world via google+ on air hangout. Thanks so much +Google+ and +Chee Chew for making a platform where this type of thing could exist.

Hope everyone that saw it live enjoyed it.
LIVE BODYPAINTING with +Paul Roustan on +Hangout Conversations w/+matthew rappaport Episode [Aired 3.1.12 on Google+!]
NSFW & Parental Guidance Suggested

Amazing Show filled with +Hangout Moments that made +Hangout History as we got to watch one of our own fun +Hangouters show his Talent & let us in on how he does it! Special thanks to +Bruce Garber for providing great camera angles & tons of help as well as +Bobbi Jo Woods! Also Paul painted a cool, laid back model named Sarula and he did it all Super Fast & SPOT ON! Enjoy+

#bodypainting #coolhangouts #hangoutconversations

Paul Roustan - Hangout Conversations w-Matt Rappaport (LIVE Bodypainting *NSFW*)
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+Bruce Garber got some awesome footage and captured great +H.I.R.L. moments from the 7-+ +Hangouters in attendance! !
Google+ nycHIRL Feb. 5, 2012

First ever Google+ New Your City HIRL (Hangout In Real Life) took place in February 2012 with 70+ friends that meet in a Google+ hangout from around the word.

We gathered in New York City to celebrate our friendships by hanging out in real life.

+matthew rappaport and +Tiffany Henry organized a weekend that built memories that will last a lifetime.

We meet at the G+ HIRL HQ (head quarters) on Thursday night where there were a lot of hugs and kisses. Matthew went live ON AIR with his show +Hangout Conversations with special guest +Daria Musk and +RAM Rich as a pre-show for the concert.

Friday we had a tour of the Google office with some free time to follow.

Friday night we were entertained by three of the most popular recording artist's on Google+. Heather Fay, Ryan Van Sickle and Daria Musk. The music filled the room with fun and excitement that one can not explain. You'll have to experience it for yourself however, we hope that by watching this video you'll feel a piece of what we did.

Saturday we had a photo walk headed up by +Daniel Enloe starting by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, around the city, Ground Zero and ended by Battery Park looking at The Lady, The Statue of Liberty.

And just as fast as it began it ended. The first ever nycHIRL was over. But we did not exit the hangout sad, because we know that all we have to do is log back on and all our friends our close friends will be there.

We hope you enjoy this short video and feel a piece of what we felt.

There are a number of close friend that could not be with us for this event do to various reasons but made a contribution to the experience. I want to highlight one of many. But this man, this illustrator just makes you feel good when your with him in a hangout and I am sure in real life as well. +Mike Searle created some artwork as a way to help us promote the event. Thank you Mike. Your work is great and very much appreciated my friend.

Thank you to +Ron Jackson for capturing a video via a live smart phone hangout as we visited the Google office. A memory we would not have with out you doing this.

There are so many other friend to many to thank here, but we all know who you are. We hope to meet you in real life sometime very soon as well. And we all thank you for what you do every day.

Please feel free to share this post and video as a way to let others know that Google+ is here to stay. It's the fastest growing social media network in the word that has so much power and potential you have to experience it for yourself to understand.

A great time was had by all. #nycHIRL

So log on, and lets hangout!

cc: +Chee Chew and +Vic Gundotra
I Thought you may like to see what you started from our eyes, from the first ever New York City Hangout In Real Life.

And by the way, thank you and your Google+ teams around the world from all of us.
It's not just code anymore. Your changing lives!
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What happens when you take a ton of +Hangouters and put them in ONE ROOM? More than 10 people in one hangout ?! +G+ Achievement Unlocked

We did it +Chee Chew! ! #codebroken #nychirl
Here it is ... #nychirl on Friday, Feb 3, 2012 from the NYC HIRL HQ in manhattan..
See Host +matthew rappaport, Chef +Lee Allison and soooo many +HIRL ers as well as +Hangouters be part of this EPIC HIRL EVENT .. Pre-Concert with people meeting people for 1st time, surprises and Lee gives us a cool HOW TO on an appetizer to make in a challenging kitchen!

Instead of +mention ing everyone in this LIVE +Google+ ON AIR Hangout..
I'll ask everyone else to do that when you spot someone!
LIVE from NYC HIRL HQ w/ Chef Lee Allison, Host Matthew Rappaport & HIRLers

#hangoutinreallife #hirl #cooking
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Enjoy +Daria Musk performing at The Living Room during the N.Y.C. +H.I.R.L.!
#music #nychirl
Here's the full live Hangout-On-Air "From The Living Room To Your Living Room" NYC Concert! Thank you to everyone in the Hangout! Watching this through your eyes pumped my heart full of fierce joy and gratitude. ♥ I've noted video time codes for the songs & more below! Use it to skip around or as clues to find some fun moments!


00:36 BRIEF HISTORY "This is like the Big Bang!"

01:36 +Bryan Lutz's adorable kids are cuddled up and ready to rock ;) Who's got the other super-cute crew of kiddies dancing in the next door window?

03:56 Live G+niuses in the crowd & Hangout!

04:00 NYC Live Crowd! +Tiffany Henry is on her feet!

04:32 Backstory! Our Story!

05:05 MAYBE "Thanks for turning the Maybes into Yeses"

08:55 - Getting cracked up

09:30 GHOST Global Shout outs!

12:10 +talicha johnson Groovin in her hangout seat! :)

14:14 Hangout Meet Live Crowd! Live Crowd Meet Hangout!

14:30 IT'S A +WAVE!

14:48 "The beauty of knowing the faces in the crowd... We crashing the party!"

15:05 TELL ME "We all need to hear it... Thank you for telling me"

19:24 Australia in the Hangout! Hi's to +Michael Tucker +Ben Schmidt & All!


27:00 +Al Ebnereza tells me to play slower to make the concert last longer

27:27 +1 ME +Moritz Tolxdorff knows which song we're about to play.... ;)

28:58 +Sharmila Tredger's got her plusses up!

29:03 Singing along inside and outside the hangout! Woot!

32:29 Thanking +Derek Ross for singing along live! ;)

32:44 +Carter Gibson Calls out the next song...

33:26 Take a bow +RAM Rich! RAM! RAM! RAM!


34:24 +Moritz Tolxdorff's LED Heart is flashing ♥

34:40 Hangout dances, +Cam Meadows builds a chair?? ;)

36:13 +Matty James is on fire in the hangout! No, really. ;)

36:50 +DeAno Jackson has a suggetion for +Matty James lol!

37:15 +RAM Rich is gettin' down!

37:52 +Al Ebnereza's rock-out look?

38:29 Hi Hangout! Shout out to +Moritz Tolxdorff in Germany!

39:10 The Story of "You Move Me"

40:30 Shout out to +Trey Ratcliff in the Hangout! Star power and a biG+ mic!


41:00 +RAM Rich is off camera rocking bass & keys at the same time!

41:53 +joette barnett and her cat rock out and sing along! :)

42:03 +Cam Meadows got serious hat dance moves!

44:17 +Carmen Garza Strong grabs a hat to dance along. ;)

45:35 "Everyone that I see, they're dancing! All Around the world..."

45:50 Live NYC Crowd singing & dancing along! +Tiffany Henry +matthew rappaport +Tim Clary... everyone!!

46:43 +RAM Rich ticklin' the piano keys off screen

47:30 Story of "I Owe It All"... lyrics for you...

48:25 I OWE IT ALL

48:46 Throwing a rose from +Superdave Houdini Meralus

51:18 +John Fanavans gets a call from +God? ;)

51:55 +joette barnett waves a digital lighter... or a banana?

52:46 Golf clap from +Trey Ratcliff :)

52:51 Takin' a bow with +RAM Rich!

52:56 Encores from the Hangout!! I couldn't hear you!

53:20 "I love you Hangout!"

53:30 Thanks to +Tiffany Henry +matthew rappaport +Bobbi Jo Woods on stage!

54:11 Group huG+

54:32 +Steve Anthony Herrera- Best T-shirt model ever!

55:05 Hangout asks for shirts! You can get there here: I'll send lil personal thank you notes with them!

55:36 HuG+ with +Superdave Houdini Meralus and +Mini-Supes

56:58 Goodbye Kisses to the Hangout!

Winding down.... ;)

57:44 +Alida Brandenburg arives for the after-party! :)

58:00 +DeAno Jackson I will hook you up with a Tee! I promise! :)

58:40 Bye Hangout!! +1 You!
+John Fanavans +talicha johnson +Sharmila Tredger +Bryan Lutz
+Brett Bjornsen +Nathan Bonilla-Warford +Jo Anne Thomas +Ben Schmidt +Samir Faci +Richard A. Heckler +Johnathan Chung +joette barnett +Billy Wilson +Moritz Tolxdorff +DeAno Jackson +Michael Tucker +Joanne La Fratta +Astrid MJ. Houchin +Matty James +Josh Armour +Cam Meadows +Leo Aguelo +Carmen Garza Strong +Trey Ratcliff +Joel Frieco +Alida Brandenburg! AND EVERYONE WATCHING!

Video Side-Note: The Internet at the club was pretty wonky... as a result the songs kinda speed up and slow down here and there... Just a creative Hangout contribution... ;)
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