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Kate Bullen
MOI? Bookish, baker, writer.
MOI? Bookish, baker, writer.

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Review number something I don't know
Again, no pictures many apologies I am on a mac and don't know how to work it. Hello! Am today reviewing Finding Mercy by Michael Landon. I was given this for free on Netgalley, and my only reimbursement was that I got to read it yay :-). So the review: I a...
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Review #15: Soulmates by Holly Bourne
Hello children! IT'S 2015 I ALREADY HAVE MANY MANY MANY RESOLUTIONS! (Today's post has few pictures i am working from an unfriendly Mac) Soulmates by Holly Bourne ** spoiler alert **  I read this overnight. Literally. Normally I wouldn't review a book, (on ...
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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - everywhere you go! True story: I went Christmas shopping today and I was all like 'Bah humbug' And then I heard the Christmas music and turned into a 6 foot tall elf! The hilarity kills me. Peanut Butter and Cho...
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Sorry and mini-reviews
Hello! Yada, yada, yada, sorry, I know and we are most certainly getting back together. I wrote a whole code today. I'm tired. SO mini reviews and hating yay! (WARNING:NEVER GET TUMBLR IT RUINS YOUR LIFE) So today I'm doing some good ol' fashioned hating on...
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Which one?
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Short straw

I'm the one
At the end of the day
Who'll go home and cry

I'm the one
When darkness comes
Who hurts so much inside

And you're the one
When the sun shines
Who never knew anything happened

And you're the one
When the clouds come
Who can sit there and smile

1:It's like a break up
Without the relationship
All one sided

2:It's like a game of chess
Where only one can win
And the other gets the short straw

You're my short straw

I'm the one
Who keeps my feelings
A secret from all

I'm the one
Who can't look
Anyone in the eye

And you're the one
Who doesn't have
A hole where your heart is

And you're the one
Who's free to love
Somebody else

Chorus 1&2


You're just a boy
But still, I can't
Handle this

Live like this
Hurt like this
Hide like this

And I drew my fate

Any thoughts???

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It's a love story....
Hey, I blog from the land of sheep and cows and farmers. and very little mobile signal but yolo. (I haven't responded to a text in dayssssss.) Ground rules: DON'T TALK ABVOUT DOCTOR WHO NOT NOW NOT EVER. i haven't seen it yet So, recently over my summer tim...
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