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John Remus
Photographer. Models, Pro Sports, Racing, Fashion, Weddings.
Photographer. Models, Pro Sports, Racing, Fashion, Weddings.

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Creating wave photos in Santa Cruz

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Week 4 and I'm in Santa Cruz doing some stormy lighthouse photos, along with some wave photography

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Added a girl into one of my landscape photos!
Casey was willing to wear a bikini in 28 degree weather to contrast the image...
video here:

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Week 3 - Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California.
This week I’m up in Lake Tahoe shooting snow photos immediately after (and a little during) some serious blizzard weather that hit the lake and surrounding mountains with serious force.
I set out to create another variation of an image I’m trying to capture in every kind of weather that I can.

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My new 2017 project...
One video every week, different locations and ideas, for a behind the camera look at shooting. This is a project I'm starting to keep myself busy once a week and to force myself out doing more.
My first attempt out was January 1st - and I managed to seriously screw up the sound quality. haha! Oh well.
Better luck on the next one 

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Dre was in town from SoCal! So we did some last minute photos!

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My massive write up and overly-detailed race report from Ragnar Trail Relay Lake Tahoe.
I couldn't find much information online from people who've completed this race before I ran it. So I wrote the blog I wished I found online, with the information I wanted to see.
Enjoy! (if you have time, or the desire, to read it all)

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Got just a tiny bit of photography in while I was in Tahoe :)

need to get more shooting in to update my store, too.

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Jesse Holland has passed away.
If there is anyone out there, in my network and beyond, that knew Jesse Holland (Elksrunning) personally please contact me if you have any questions so I can put you in touch with the right people.
Many of you will probably recognize Jesse from my work with him as Master Splinter in my Ninja Turtles Re-Imagined project. I was at a complete loss for words to receive this news this weekend.
Jesse has battled depression, as well as PTSD from his time in the service. And recently took his own life.
For those battling with depression please seek help. There are always people that love you.
It feels selfish to be so sad when I had such a short time knowing Jesse on any sort of personal level. He was a man whose work I had admired for several years before I finally had a reason to contact him and work together three years ago. He was the perfect guy for the project we worked on and people have continued to tell me so since that photoshoot.
But even in the brief time that I spent with Jesse in person, sometimes you just feel a bit closer to a person. And Jesse had a warmth to his personality that made you feel at ease chatting with him.
I’m so sad to share this news with people. But I’m so honored to have briefly known Jesse and call him a friend.
I heard from a close friend of his that Jesse talked about working on my TMNT project many times and it was something he truly enjoyed and remembered fondly.
We all have people in our lives that we lose touch with. So I’m asking if there is anyone out there who knew Jesse to feel free to contact me. He had several great friends in Southern California from his time living out here, and working as a model, who his friends back home have no way of contacting.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You
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