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Gas prices goes up @10 cents a gallon 01-27-2012. Looks like they wants A SHARE FROM YOUR INCOME TAX CHECK!! (Image: Niceville FL terminal

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Relaxed U.S. Visa policy: Good news for Hotel industry.
In next few years, China will have 100m outbound travelers. If 10% share to US.
10 m visitors to US x Average stay of 1 week = 70m room nights- That is 2 weeks stay in each and every hotel room in US. Numbers looks great!

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Search, plus Your World...??!!
In my humble opinion, Google's personal search results makes a great sense! Google's public search will display all the information pertaining to your search but Personal search makes it more precise your search among your friend's and circle's publicly shared content only. I would rather virtually trust my friends/circles for whatever i am searching for. here is an example
+Debbie Russ Williams +Sprout Content

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too busy to read..LISTEN to these articles even on phone!
too busy to read..LISTEN to these articles even on phone!
How To Buy The Right Business for you
Why Buy an Existing Business?
How To Value a Business ..and more

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Schedule Google hangout

Schedule Hangout > Invite guests > Confirm hangout

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Do you sell alcohol or tobacco products? Read more
+Malika Vishnu patel

Maintain a Log for every Alcohol/Tobacco Sale Denied

With Privilege comes a big responsibility. Be a responsible vendor to avoid legal complications with your license to sell Alcohol and tobacco products.

Convenient stores, liquor stores, restaurants and Bars who sells alcohol/tobacco products have to be very responsible and careful selling it. Never Ever sell to minors.

Research data shows that an average American kid consumes his/her first alcoholic beverage at the age of twelve. Government is spending millions of dollars to control underage drinking problem. As a business owner it is our responsibility to be a part of controlling the underage drinking as we are the direct contact while selling it. Always check ID before you make a sale and maintain a log for each and every time a sale is denied to minor or anybody with following details:

1. Name of the customer (As shown on ID presented to buy alcohol/Tobacco)
2. Date and Time the sale was denied.
3. Reason for denying the sale. (Underage, Customer was drunk already, Fake ID or No ID etc.)
4. Cashier’s name who denied the sale.

Why do I have to maintain a log?? Here are some scenarios that may happen and put you in trouble.

1. Let’s say an underage Kid was found drunk by parents or police, upon asking if the kid lies that he/she bought it from your store. If the parents and police come to your store with a complaint, present them with a log that you maintained with all the details.(The written documents speaks louder and clearer than spoken words- Police/Judge can doubt your spoken words but not your well maintained written log)

2. Let’s say some parents complain your store about regularly selling alcohol/tobacco products to minors and takes you to the court. You will have to face a group of parents and judge at the court trying to prove you wrong. In that situation, judge will not believe your words compared to a group of people but will definitely look at your well maintained log of alcohol/tobacco sale denied to minors along with your employees name.(Start maintaining a log now!)

3. Let’s a underage kids comes to your store, tries to buy alcohol/tobacco products, When you denied to sell him/her the product because he/she is not old enough, he/she may steal the beer from your store or the next store down the road. If the same underage kid is found drunk by parents or police the same issue will be brought to your store and you can present them with the same well maintained sale denied log and save your business license.

Hope this makes a lot of sense to start a log for every time the sale is denied for alcohol/tobacco products.
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