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Video Chat for Family Making Family Closer
Years ago we were promised a day of flying cars, automatic meal makers and video phones.  While cars still keep their wheels on the ground for the most part and free delivery is the closest we've gotten to meals that we don't have to make, video phones in t...

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Search Engine Optimization the Organic Way
A few years ago, there was a great buzz about search engine optimization (SEO) largely driven by some "Get to the Top of the Listings, Quick" scams that search engine developers quickly figured out and began penalizing sites for.  One of the benefits of thi...

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AddThis! For Adding Social to Any Page
Social.  Social? Social! Buzz words and phrases are fine, but figuring out what they mean for your business or organization is another matter.  We often can sense that some trend is important and might have some idea that it could help us, but implementatio...

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Hello, My Name is Dave, I'm a Web Developer and My Web Presence Sucks
After many years of developing for the web for clients and always using the excuse that I simply don't have time to work on and maintain my own web presence, it is past time I rectified that situation.  To be clear, it's kind of embarrassing. My clients cou...
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