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To continue the work made during previous Eiffel Design Feast (June 2011, and December 2011), the next Eiffel Web Design Feast will take place on Wednesday, May 30th 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.
It is a workshop scheduled as part of the TOOLS EUROPE 2012 conference.

The first design feast goal was to get a global view of Eiffel solutions related to web applications (server and client). It was also the kickoff of the Eiffel Web Framework project (EWF), an open source project to write server application in Eiffel).
The second workshop collected user feedbacks, and tried to reduce the gap between low level aspects and the expected high level view of a user friendly framework. In the meantime, the Eiffel Web Framework has improved, and is reaching the state of its first release (scheduled as part of the EiffelStudio 7.1 release on May 15th).
During the May 2012 feast we will present the first release, explore new ways to create a user friendly framework for web applications and prepare the future work.

The upcoming Design Feast will take place as a one day workshop during the TOOLS 2012 conference in Prague, Czech Republic

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

The participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.
Because the workshop is part of the TOOLS 2012 conference, the participants must register for at least the day of the workshop, or for the full conference.

More information and links at (about the workshop, the TOOLS conference, registrations, how to come, ...)

We hope you can participate. If so, please indicate it to
We look forward to an intense and productive discussion.

With best regards,
The Eiffel Software Team and the Eiffel Web Framework Team.
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