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Community immunity from bed bugs is a call for participants in a new project to assist all communities in becoming proactive for bed bugs

In recent months, Bed Bugs Ltd have been paying particular attention to the issue of bed bugs in multi housing properties with the aim of reducing the risk of spreading infestations.
To assist people in better addressing this in the future we would like to ask people to write to us and share their experiences of this situation, what has been the effect, how long did problems persist, what actions were taken to control the issue, what was the physical and mental impact of the infestation.

This information will be used to select a few cases to look at the impact and cost to the organisation to enable us to develop a feasible and simple solution.
The output of this project will be publicly available at

So if you personally or your organisation have been affected by bed bugs in either houses or flats of multiple occupation or blocks of adjoining flats please share your information with us.

All information will be treated as confidential and we welcome submissions of information from tenants, landlords and housing associations from both small properties through to the managers of multi-site portfolios. Our aim is to develop an approach which is based upon shared responsibilities under the ethos of “community immunity benefits all”.

Submissions are open between 23rd Feb 2017 and the 31st March 2017 via: with the subject line: Community Immunity

Or by post to
Community Immunity
Bed Bugs Ltd
3 Cobden Road
London SE25 5NY

Please share and forward this announcement on social media as the more input we receive the better the final solution will be.

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This is an Image showing faecal traces on a bed frame , the infestation had been present several months.
#bed bugs #faecal #fecal 

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The inside of a Passive Monitor used in the treatment of a bedbug infestation.  We always QC our work using them and in heavier cases they can really help relocalizing bedbugs away from their current harbourages into a device that's easy to remove.  The collected bedbugs are then shared with the university researchers to help further their studies.

As well as the bedbugs inside the harbourage there are clear signs outside of the harbourage thanks to the special patented detection plate which helps clearly illustrate bedbug activity.  We have even used this feature to help the visually impaired detect bedbugs as they have a distinctive relief.

For further information see our Passive Monitors section at

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It's half term again so we are gearing up for all those phone calls asking about our unique decontamination service for travellers luggage
Since 2007 we have been able to offer a unique decontamination service for clothes, household items and luggage at our London facility.

This is an obvious, yet unique, service that we offer, we are the only facility in the UK that can decontaminate belongings, suitcases and rucksacks non-chemically within 24 hours

Such service increases treatment efficiency and to help people avoid taking bedbugs home if they encounter them while away.

Traveller’s Luggage Decontamination
If you have been exposed to bedbugs while travelling, we can help ensure you do not bring any unwanted souvenirs back with you.
Either make arrangements to call into our facility on your way home or 100% seal your luggage and travel items as soon as you arrive home and make contact with the office when it’s open.
We can save all your items using our “green” methods and we don’t even need to open the luggage once its sealed

Once items are isolated and delivered to our facility at 3 Cobden road London SE25 5NY, they can be processed and collected, usually the next day.

We perform this service for Hotels, residential customers, Universities, as well as travellers on an ad hoc basis.
To date we have prevented countless infestations before they have even started, thereby saving people from having to endure an infestation.
• 100% Green and effective service in a carbon neutral facility
• Cost effective compared to replacement costs
Quality Assurance

• Under no circumstances are items to be sent to our office without strict adherence to the procedures and protocols outlined in the decontamination pack which can be obtained by contacting us by email or via phone on 0207 720 6468

• All items are tracked through the facility and monitored with log tags that ensure the process is completed and that items are always bug and viable egg free on departure.

• The configuration of our facility also ensures that items are processed from potentially “exposed” through to “clear” to ensure pre and post decon items do not come into contact with each other.
The whole facility is also subject to extensive Passive and Active monitoring to ensure the decontamination area remains bedbug free.

Client Confidentiality
• We always respect the confidentiality of our clients and do not even need to open your items . If you wish to deliver the items to our facility yourself it must be in normal office hours between 9 am and 4:30 pm although if required and with at least 24 hours notice we can extend the opening hours a little to accommodate deliveries.

• “Over the years we have found that having a decontamination facility has helped our clients minimise the impact that bedbug infestation have on their lives.
Being able to decontaminate practically anything means that you never need to worry about ending up like so many of the horror stories we read online where people end up with only garden furniture to live on and a psychological legacy which lasts considerably longer than the infestation itself.”
David Cain PgCert, Bsc (Hons), ESQ Founder Bed Bugs Limited

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Taken on a visit to Chicago in 2013 #chicago

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Rush Hour in South Africa #wildlifephotography #naturephotography 

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